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  • Zeovit links needed

    Hello thanks for stopping by... I currently have a 55 gal mixed reef with mostly soft coral but Im going to be moving in the next few months and use the move as an opportunity to change some stuff around. Im planning on going with mostly sps and I really want to try using zeovit.... now I have a few fish probably more than I should have in a 55 Gal but they are all healthy. Ive never really been concerned with elevated phosphate & nitrate levels but I would like to keep my water a little cleaner for the sps.. I cant really seem to find any good sites that show reactors or the resins... any help is appreciated .... Thanks.....

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    Here's a link to the reactors.
    If you browse around the site you'll find a picture of the zeo stones. Everything else is just a liquid in small blue bottles.

    BTW... Welcome to feel free to ask away.

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