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Tubipora musica(i think)

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  • Tubipora musica(i think)

    This is the only coral that does not seem happy since starting Zeo. Are these typically picky, or is it something with the Zeo do you think??-S.

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    you have a pic?


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      I don't have a pic...sorry.S.


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        no...they just all die...IMO.

        I bought a perfectly healthy one, NOT cut off on the base(it was smooth with sponges and other life growing on the bottom) It was doing fine...for a while...then started to die..slowly extending less and less...untill nothing. after all the "polyps" on it were to come back! Yes...little polyps came up from around the original ones...I sold it with a little "reef package" I made...a complete reef system that is...and that reef system crashed. (obviously...the person taking care of it was 5 I beleive...I dont think the parents supervised like advised...) It all crashed...too bad.
        Proud owner of an Elegance Coral "that lived". (It is thriving whith long tentacle tips...purchased in January 2005.) It has white tentacle tips, I beleive this has something to do with ones that will typically live due to the collection site.


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          I have never kept the oregon pipe coral so I can not personally comment... Sorry I am no assistance on this one...
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