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  • First month change out

    I just finished the first month change out of the zoelith. I also changed to the KZ carbon. I dosed following Bobs recommendations. It is bak 4drop every other day, food 2drop every other day, Start .30ml everyday. I also have got Coral vitalizer. Is it to early to add this, If not what would be the recommended dose? I have tested the water parameters as follows: salinity 1.025,ph8.2, cal 400, alk 8,phosphate 0.11 (hanna). Any sugestions or problems? Some of my corals are just a light tan color. Others have kept their color. Does not seem that they have any kind of color? Is it still to early? My lights are 250w 14k Phoenix bulbs installed around the end of Sept. Thanks for help you can give.


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    Hi Mark, thnx. for your update It's not uncommon for some corals to change to a drab coloration as nutrients first begin to decrease, then a few months later, brighten into a deep rich coat. The interval stone exchange time period is now 6wks. Dose Bak/Food7 every other day for the 1st 2wks. then, dose 2x's/wk until the next zeolite change-out. Start2 is still dosed daily. Your dosages of Bak, Food, & Start2 will remain the same. At this time it is fine to begin dosing PIF[4 drops 2x's/wk.], AAHC[3 drops daily] & C-V[1-3 drops/25g net daily] If the tan-coloration is not improved by the next zeolite exchange, Spur2 can be dosed/zeolite guidelines. Bob
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      Bob, thanks for the help! Do you have to use PIF,AAHC at this time? I currently only have the C-V. Also how often should the carbon be replaced? Can it be cleaned and reused? When I changed out the zeolite I did not notice any film on them. Is this normal? I did change the pump feeding my reactor to a maxijet 400 ( 110 gal per Hr) Is this okay flow?


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        Mark, I also do not detect much biofilm on my exhausted stones. The carbon should be freshly replaced every 4wks. It also exhausts after ~ 4wks. I believe carbon can be renewed but it's not cost/time effective to do so. Your flow rate through the zeo-filter is fine. Bob
        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"