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Acropora Colors that don't come out

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  • Acropora Colors that don't come out

    Hi to everyone and sorry for my poor english (i'm from the italian forum), i'll try to explain my problem as best as i can:
    This is an acropora bought about 9months ago, it was brown with violet tips, as you can see from the photo. I'm using zeovit from 7 months, P04 (merck)and NO3 (elos, an italian brand) are not measurable from a lot of time (some months), salinity 35/1000 (refractometer), water change: 5% weekly with preis/pro reef salt, Skimmer H&S F2001, other parameters are ok: Ca (480), Mg, etc.. In the other photo you can see that acropora now... it grows (white tips) but there's no way to see violet coming out.. It's under 2x250W BLV 10K. Any solutions?? Water too poor? more nutrients?
    Others acropora are coloured but colors seem to be too much soft, not charged!!

    Tank description:
    100*50*50 (cm) 200Litres net
    50kg live rocks
    2x250W BLV 10K + 2 * Marine glow 18W
    Current Flow: 1 Tunze 6000 + 2 powerhead 2000L/h

    1 drop Zeostart2 daily
    2 drops 2 times weekly zeobak and zeofood7
    1/2 zeolite bag (200litres) with a 340L/h pump (so about 200 net)
    1 drop ammino a day yes a day not

    Thx a lot
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    Hi biasegab, thnx. for your information & your problem is a common situation for many reefers. I'd try some of the K-Z supplements as they are designed to colorize browning & weak-colored SPS. They definitely will improve & strengthen coral coloration. Plz. use the following for 1 month:

    1)dose 1/4 ltr. Korallen-Zucht carbon, passively in your system, kneaded 3-4 x's/wk & exchanged monthly.
    2)continue your present dosages of Bak, Food7, & Start2.
    3)dose 6 drops PIF 3 days in succession, then 6 drops PIF 2x's/week.
    4)dose 3 ml K-Balance 3 days in a row, then 1 ml 2x's/week. This will markedly increase PIF's effect on color
    5)dose Coral-Vitalizer 4 drops daily
    6)dose Spur-ME 3 ml once a week. This improves tip-color in everybody's reef.
    7)discontinue Pro-Salt by Tropic Marin[too many elements] & use Preis salt completely. Plz. update this thread in 2-4 weeks, thnx. Bob
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      ok, thank you for your help, but what's PIF?


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        Sorry for the short-cut PIF = Potassium-Iodide-Flouride concentrate by K-Z. Bob
        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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          Originally posted by Aged Salt
          discontinue Pro-Salt by Tropic Marin[too many elements]

          could you elaborate on this?

          Current Tank: 75g sps restarted with ZEOvit August 2004, Aqua Connect 14K 250W SE MH x 2, SLS HQI ballasts, 54W blueplus T5s x 2, H&S A150 external (recirculating) skimmer, Tunze Stream 6060, 6000 with single controller, Geo Ca reactor, in-sump ZEOvit reactor from Madison, Aquacontroller


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            Sense I use this salt I would like to know also

            120 BB w/20g BB side tank, 29g sump, (2) 250w RO III, 14k AC, Bluewave VII ballast, Deltec 851, Panworld 150 return, (2) 6000 Streams w/controller, AC II Controller w/(2) DC4, GEO 618 CR.

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              Hi, if you are happy with your SPS colors, continue to use it. If you SPS colors are brown, weak, or drab, consider a gradual switch in to another salt, which does not contain fortified, "extra" elements. Bob
              "There might be something to this ZEOvit"