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New ZEO user and got a question...

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  • New ZEO user and got a question...

    I got my ZEOvit system set up about a month ago... I gave all my specs on this forum when I first started. I've been following the guide given from the ZEO staff, but I don't know why, some of my corals, mostly all SPS, acan, ric, etc, are truning very light in color. some digitatas even turned white. However, all the polyp extensions are still very nice, and the fish are still very healthy. NO2, NO3, PO4, are all undetectable...

    The funny part is, some SPS corals, such as efflo and cap, they turned into some very interesting colors (but still very light colors) The efflo was green/purple rim, and now its bright yellow/purple rim. The cap was brown, but now it's green with red purple polyps......but again, they are all in very light colors.

    what should I do? is this a normal stage for a new ZEOvit system?

    please give me some advices

    Thank you all!!!!!!!!!

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    Hi Yifan, obviously, your water composition has undergone some rapid changes. Plz. give us your total net volume of your system & all your present doses including the quantities of carbon & zeolites & it's flow rate, along with all other zeo's in order to modify these color changes. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"