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Opinions: Using Zeo for 2 gallon pico tank

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  • Opinions: Using Zeo for 2 gallon pico tank

    What do you guys think of using zeovit on a pico Tank?
    The tank will be used mainly for Zoos and Yumas.
    No skimmer for now. Just a light and hang-on back filter.

    Seems like no one is using Zeo on a Pico yet.

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    Hi yzf, I believe we have a zeo-user here with a 1 or 2 g. system. Hopefully he or she will give us their opinion. I see no reason why this could not be used. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      if you are trying to keep corals from nutrient poor waters like sps then zeo is great but zoanthids and ricordea occur in near-shore, high nutrient habitats and they prefer a little extra nutrient in their water. Using ZEO would probably retard their growth but that could be useful for such a small tank. I am personally opposed to ANY filtration for tanks smaller than 10 gallons, its just so easy to do a 50% water change that the cost associated with having skimmers etc seems hardly worth it.
      Jake Adams
      Reef Builders