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Zeolith ... for swimming pools ....

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  • Zeolith ... for swimming pools ....

    My wife decided she wants to have a pool party this weekend ..... so off to the pool store I went this weekend. I retired the pool until spring prematurely. So what's the HUGE sign on the store window?

    "Experience the newest revolution - ZEOLITH MEDIA".

    Swear to God.

    I was jammed for time but I asked the guy quickly and he said he knew nothing about it, only that its new and revolutionary.

    Oddly enough there is a website about swimming pools, some people started talking about it and all got banned.

    (only the last part was a joke)

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    i have a friend who uses the pool zeolites in his reef tank with good results
    Life is one-way street, and we are not coming back



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      Zeolites have been used in Koi ponds for 25 years -- You can buy them for .99 pound. Either by the 50lb bag or by the ton.

      The Zeo is usually a grey color, or beige with grey flecks.

      Dave B\
      400g SPS Reef - 33g Surge - +30k gph Flow - Lots of DIY / 1100g Outdoor SPS System / 280g FO Watch my Reef Tank, LIVE!!!


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        I really would recommend to take care. There are so many zeolites available which will kill your corals within a short period.



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          I just thought it was kinda funny - I would never put it in my reef tank. For $20 the also have gallon of PhosFree that will take 30,000 gallons of pool water to zero phosphates.

          Although I and several other reefers use calcium from the pool supply store. Repacked Dow, works great.

          Lots of my neighbors have saltwater pools, there is a reactor that breaks down salt into usable elements to filter the pool.

          Lots of inonic similarities.

          Dang I thought I'd get at least one LOL on the banned part. ;-)


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            David, looking forward to your test but remove corals and fish before you start :syringe:



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              i've seen a few people use this or something similar to this with no problems. Like Alexander said, there are many different kinds of zeoliths so you have to be careful. Some of the zeoliths can actually remove calcium and other important elements.

              David, who is moderating that swimming pool message board