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Questions after two months of I use

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  • Questions after two months of I use

    hello boys! by now they are 2 months of zeovit, the values are optimal: PO4 0,00 (hanna) NO3 0 CA 450 8,5 KH famous the change of color of the animals! soon mettero' of the photos! Perhaps in these days I have noticed a slowing down in the progresses after 2 months I must replace zeolites? I had intention to put the sand on the live bottom I have a bag of arag thing of it thoughts?

    Tank 280l
    skimmers h&s a110
    aquamedic 400 reactor
    2x tunze6060
    2x250w aquamedic aquaspacelight

    0.6l zeo 300l/h
    2gg 2 week's zeobak
    2gg 2 week's zeofood
    0.06x2 day's zeostart2
    3gg day's ammino

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    Hi Niesmann, the zeolites maybe exchanged anywhere between 4-12 weeks. For optimum SPS's color/growth, Alexander recommends changing the stones every 6 weeks, & I also find that timeframe to have a steady function from the stones versus weighing their cost replacement. I've gone 7-8 weeks at times with a noticeable color fade in my corals. Also be sure to exchange the carbon monthly. I've also noticed marked color improvement with using Korallen-Zucht's carbon instead of my previous brand of carbon.

    Adding a sand bottom is a personal choice which will not be a problem with ZEOvit--just be sure it's been rinsed several times to remove impurties & monitor your dKH for any changes in it's range. While on this subject, I'd recommend keeping the KH level <8.0--chronic values over KH 8 may lead to tissue recession in our corals. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"