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  • Finally starting

    Hey guys just got my Zeovit stuff. .lith, bak, start, and food
    Need some help with getting started on my dosing and need to know what else i need! thanks

    1. 180 gallons
    2. 160 gallons
    3. MRC Calcium Reactor
    4. no PO4 reactor
    5. Are you using
    6. Are you using
    7. MRC skimmer 300 gallons
    8. Not sure
    9. not sure
    10. DSB
    11. 4x250watt XM 10ks 2X 140w VHO actinics
    12. Mainly SPS
    13. Various tissue colors some very light some dark to a couple brown
    14. six years running
    15. Nutrient removal and Coral color
    16. Any supplemental dosing ....Iodine on occasion, and some trace elements
    17. Live rock ...250 lbs been in since the tank was put together
    18. Any present problems .... some algae problems and flatworms!
    19. Problem description ....some cyano and dark brown film.
    20. seldom test but use salifert when have tested
    22. Other water parameters salinity is kept at 1.026 temp around 80-82
    125gal SPS reef w/55gal prop-tank/sump
    Paleoceanography lab

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    Hi Brion, congratulations on beginning the ZEOvit method You should treat the FW's as per the ZEOvit thread currently on this forum-also add some wrasses to the mix[six-line] You will also need to test your water parameters frequently & thus ensure their stability--this is key with keeping SPS & reaching their color zenith. With the ZEOvit method parameters are as NSW levels, Ca>400,Mg>1250,KH 6-8, salinity 1.023-26, temp range within 3 degrees swings. For your system, I recommend the following:

    1)dose 1/2 ltr. carbon[1 3/4 Cups] in a filter sock, passively, in your sump. Knead this bag 3x's/wk & exchange monthly.
    2)dose 1 1/2 ltrs. zeolites in a zeo-filter at a flow rate ~ 150gph. A little more or less is fine. Cycle the filter on & off at 3 hr. intervals. Be sure the stones are submerged when in the off cycle--you may need a check valve on the inflow line. Pump-clean the stones 1-2 x's/day at 10 reps each time. Exchange the zeolites every 6wks.
    3)dose 4 drops Bak & Food daily for the 1st 2wks. then dose 5 drops each 2x's/wk. Dose these near the filter pump & turn off your skimmer for 60min after dosing these.
    4)dose Start2 .2ml 2x's/day in front of the zeo-filter. It is not necessary to turn off your skimmer when just dosing Start2. Brion, if you have any questions, don't ask Scott, but post up here Keep us updated on your progress, Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      thanks Bob,
      I have added a six-line but haven't seen him yet which isn't unusual in my tank.. fish often don't appear until a week or so later.. when i get the $$ i'll throw some more in or maybe a coris. Anyway. I use salifert tests to test my water (can't afford your fancy little Hanna) I will try to stay on top of it though i'm not much of a worry wort when it comes to my tank. The Zeovit method will be a great adventure for me. Thanks Again

      oh yeah... don't worry about scott i only ask him about computers anyway :icon_mrgr :icon_mrgr
      125gal SPS reef w/55gal prop-tank/sump
      Paleoceanography lab