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Can I overskim?

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  • Can I overskim?

    I currently Have a new 8-2 rc euro reef skimmer. Thats working well. My po4 ranges from .00-.02. The thing is that I bought a bigger skimmer because it was a good deal. And am starting to wonder if I will cause any problems from skimming any mor efficiently.
    Thanks Paul

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    From my personal experience it would be exceedingly difficult to do so. But then again I always have a bunch of fish and food in the system.
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      Hi Paul, I'd always believed Chuck's thoughts until recently, when I've entered Phase 4, & my Hanna's remain 0.00 no matter how much I feed my fish, but I run a Deltec AP1004 on a 300g system Bob
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        Ok then The bigger on it is.
        Bob- How are your corals liking the .00?


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          Paul, I've noticed only color enhancement/growth but I'm dosing C-V, AAHC, K-Balance daily. Bob
          "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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            Well those sound like positive side effects of over skimming to me. I dose the same but I dont have K balance yet.


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              well I don't really think there will be over skimming isuess unless you talk about running BK650 on a fishless 100gal tank...
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