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for the metric system challenged, how much carbon to use?

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  • for the metric system challenged, how much carbon to use?

    As an American, I have no comprehension of the metric system. I don't know why we're still using inches and yards and other outdated stuff, but it probably has something to do with the fact that we also can't figure out basic European stuff like universal healthcare How much carbon should I be using for a 50g? I've been using a cup every 30 days so far; figured it was time to make sure I'm using the right amount.

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    1/2 cup for 50gallons ... I change about every 3-4 weeks at most.


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      So I'm using too much? Any potential benefits for keeping it high, or for keeping it at a lower dose?


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        the rule of thumb is 1 cup per 100 gallons. So I would tend to go with less then more, I am not sure too much bad can happen, but I would not suggest to go more then 1 cup per 100 gallons.

        You wont gain from going higher, or over time people would have went with more for the number, but its about the same where ever you ask .


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          Good old metric system! I am of an age where I grew up learning the imperial system and then Canada changed to the metric system and there are some things that I can't get used to but for most I just shake my head and wonder why we were ever on the imperial system. The metric is sooooo much easier - everything is in 10's 100's 1000's etc. The one thing I can't seem to get through my head though is the miles vs. km.'s. Not that it doesn't make sense just that I grew up thinking of such and such place as so many miles away - although up here in Canada we do tend to convert that to hours away - it's all relative.


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            But dont cups vary in size,how much carbon in grams for a 100gallon tank would be much easier to use?


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              Hi Terry, good question---we're talking a standard measuring Cup, ~ 250ml/400ltrs net volume. More important than a few grams either way, is mode of use, as it should be passive until deep into latter Phase 2 or Phase 3, & the "aggressiveness" of the individual activated carbon[GAC]. Certain carbons are too strong in creating rapid changes in traces, water clarity, etc, which will stress delicate corals as nutrients are being lowered by ZEOvit. I've found that rinsing well until clear then soaking the carbon in RODI water for 2 days, with daily water changes helps lessen the rapid GAC effects on water chemistry. KZ's carbon is therefore recommended as I've never had a coral problem with it's use in the above manner. Some will also use heated RODI water in addition to remove any air within the granules--I'm too lazy to do this plus my carbon bag never floats anyway. HTH, Bob
              "There might be something to this ZEOvit"