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Dosing schedule for 2nd month

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  • Dosing schedule for 2nd month

    I'm finishing up my first month of ZEOvit tomorrow and I've come up with a new dosing schedule and like to know if my intended schedule sounds good to the more experienced ZEOvit users here.

    My net water volume is 135 gal including sumps - LR.

    - Change out ZEOlit rocks and replace with 1L + 5% of old rocks. Next exchange 6 weeks from tomorrow
    - 1/2L carbon passively in sump
    - 5 drops ZEObak
    - 5 drops ZEOfood
    - o.5ml ZEOstart

    Every day:
    - Stirr rocks
    - Kneed carbon bag
    - 0.5ml ZEOstart

    Twice per week:
    - 5 drops ZEObak
    - 5 drops ZEOfood

    Does this sound ok?

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    Geek, sounds good to me. Which PO4 and NO3 reading do you get at the moment and how do the corals look (dark / light) ?

    Thanks, G.Alexander


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      Don't forget, after changing the Zeolites, dose bak/food every other day for the first 2 weeks. Otherwise sounds good.
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