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    hi guys i'm in phase 3
    i have a question
    can i stop dosing zeofood7?i'm dosing daily zeostart2 1 drops(300litres)and AAHC 2drops daily
    i think that zeostart is a good food for bacteria.
    i have:0 po4 with merk,0no3.
    hi and tnx alex
    tank 120*70*60

    lighting:ati powermodule 10x54watt
    skimmer:vertex alpha cone 200
    rcalcium reactor:lgr1400
    water circulation:2x vortech mp40w
    all tanks is controlled by aquatronica system

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    Alex, as ZeoFood is a combination of a carbon source (nourishing bacteria) & amino acids (nourishing corals) you can stop the dosage of ZeoFood if your system is nutrient poor. If you observe a slow increase of PO4, I would recommend to rise the ZeoStart2 dosage a little bit. ZeoStart2 is a carbon source which will increase the bacteria reproduction, followed by lowering nutrients.



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      Alex, as Alexander mentioned, ZeoFood supplies a different carbon source than Start2, plus contains nourishment for our corals[AA's/Vitamins]. What I like to do is dose 1 drop Food7 2x's/wk in place of Start2, as I believe it supplies with a different food source than Start2 for our bacteria/corals. Bob
      "There might be something to this ZEOvit"