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New Goodies Please Help with Dosing

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  • New Goodies Please Help with Dosing

    Hi Guys

    Well, All my new goodies have arrived YEAH !!! Please can you advise me on dosing.

    Net water : 90 - 100 G

    SG 1025
    PhO4 0.1
    NI 0
    CA 420
    MG 1250
    ALK 7

    Ok so this is where I stand:

    My media needs to be changed and I have stopped dosing Start1 now for 3 weeks, due to STN and RTN.

    So I am thinking that I need to restart the ZEO cycle, going to use 750ml of Media, and 2 drops BAK/FOOD every second day for 2 weeks then twice a week.

    Not sure how I should or how much Start2 I need to dose? please advice.

    I also got , Poli Glow, CV, PFI, AMINO'S, and FE , please advise on dosing, or should I just stick to recommended dosing as per bottle instructions?

    Very excited about using the new products but especially the CV.

    Thanks For All the Help Guys !!!!!


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    Hi Christiaan, I like your Bak/Food7 dosing schedule. Be sure the flow rate is <400 l/h. Dose Start2, 2 drops 2x's/day. If you P04's are not lowering within 2 wks, then increase Start2 to 3 drops 2x's/day. Do not change Bak/Food7 at this time. Be sure to use K-Z carbon--this stuff is a difference-makerI've found for best coloral colorations, dose PIF to Fe at a ratio of 4:1, PIF 4 drops to 1 drop Fe 2x's/wk. Dose 2-3 drops AAHC/day, C-V 6 drops/day, SPG 3-4 drops daily for 2 wks, then cycle off for 1 wk, then repeat this cycle ongoing. Dose Spur-ME 5 ml once a wk--observe the tip coloration after dosing this Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      Ok Great thanks for all the help Bob,

      Will keep you posted on how things go....

      Thx Again