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Zeospur2 and Wild Colony Acros

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  • Zeospur2 and Wild Colony Acros

    Dear all zeo reefers,

    i am not yet zeovit user. but sometimes I use zeospur2.
    in my region here there is no aquacultured acro. and acros what I bought was wild colony acros. I read many times in forums wild colony difficult to hold their color and going darker. do the zeospur can make it back to his color again ?

    thanks in advance...

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    Hi Chefi, ZeoSpur2 will push away the zooxanthellae allowing coral pigment colors to become more visible. It can be used in non-zeo-systems but it's effect is more pronounced in nutrient-poor waters, which one can easily reach with ZEOvit method. The trick for wild colonies coloration or retention thereof is low nutrients in our reefs, intense appropriate lighting & available traces. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"