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Noticed a coral that looked to be bleaching in spots that started yesterday...

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  • Noticed a coral that looked to be bleaching in spots that started yesterday...

    Well I have checked all params yesterday and today and everything was nornal.. So I take a look at the bulb and the damn bulb above it broke in half. Was gettin pounded for prob last 2 days from a 400 watter that was cracked in half and still working.. UV burn I think.. I am sure it will recover but I am glad I found this out today and not later... It was a coral I have been thinking about getting rid of to make room for some cherry picked stuff heheeh.. Now it gives me more reason to make some room...

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    Yeah Jeff, I've had a few of those burn-outs from cracked bulbs--the last time it happened on one of my 1000W--4hrs. later, 1/2 of my reef looked nuked Everytime I change tank current nowadays, I now check the surface for splash, Bob
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      Yea Bob I think that is what happened.. I changed my 4 tunzes around 2 days ago and must have gotten some splash on the bulb.. Thank god only 1 coral was effected...

      Cheers, Jeff


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        Glad you found that when you did. I had a friend lose the whole middle of her very nice tank because her middle mh busted out but kept burning =(.


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          IMHO, a very good reason to go DE. With the glass shielding, water splashes on the bulbs are an impossibility.

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            Noticed last night that my superman monti was also BADLY burnt.. I hope he recovers...

            Bummer, Jeff


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              Yup, been there-done that. It sucked. For me it happened when I was at work so 1/2 the tank got major sunburn for 8+ hours. I was quite impressed that all corals, sps and lps, came back on that half of the tank over the next month.