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A couple zeo related things ...

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  • A couple zeo related things ...

    and other high end stuff ...

    Over the last few days I've been in LA and can only think about 2 things ... moonpod's tank and Eric's store (fraggfarmer). You can not imagine how awesome Chuck's tank is. Beautiful, awesome dims, great stand and obviously fantastic equipment. I will be ordering a Wavebox soon.

    And Eric's stuff is just awesome. His display tank truly is up there with Steve Weast and any other high end tank as far as color and health. There is nothing even close to ordinary in there. Then of course around every corner and on into the back there are more oohs and aahs. More than anyone else, Eric is really making me consider ZEO.

    Also Eric was running the new SS mega reflectors (name?). If I were setting up a tank 36" wide there is no doubt I would take them over the LAIII's. Spread is pretty incredible. This is not a scientific opinion - just that I saw both and the spread seemed to be more even an wide with the newer reflectors.

    That was all. I don't know the "rules" here so if I posted anything against them feel free to move or delete and accept my apologies. But if you want good SPS frags I highly recommend getting in good with Eric. :icon_mrgr

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    The SLS refectors are the LumenMax, and When Sanjay was talking to our local clubs, he had to data on them. Spread is very similar to the Luminarc, and a whole lot easier to get in stock.
    The WaveBox's are great, and without seeing them in person, you could not imagine how neat they are.
    As for Zeo, Eric's Corals speak for themselves. I am sure they look even better in person than in pictures.


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      I'm glad you got to make it over to Eric's place. I told you that is a must see if you are in LA. It's the best i've seen.

      i've seen Chuck's tank. It's freaking incredible.