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    I am now ready to get started with my zeovit. I have been working on lowering my alk from 12 to the nsw of 8. My tank parameters are as follows:
    Alk 8.3, calcium 400, salinity 1.025, temp 80, ph 8.2. phosphate .09.
    I had to turn off my calcium reactor to bring my alkalinity down to the current number. Still trying to run it enough to keep everything where it is now. Any ideas and helpful comments would be appreciated. How long before the phosphate will start to come down?


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    Hi Mark, & welcome to ZEOvit will lower both N03's & P04's in a balanced matter allowing coral coloration & growth to accelerate. As there are many variables related to each individual's system, an absolute amswer for your question can not be given. If you're interested in recommendations on ZEOvit dosages, plz. complete the questionnaire in the sticky mear the top of this forum "tell us about your reef" Bob
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      About my tank

      My system is as follows:
      120gal main tank
      50 gal sump with refugium
      Fuge has cheato and carlupa in it.
      life reef co2 reactor
      mrc1 beckett skimmer
      po4 = .09 (hanna meter)
      cal = 400 ( salifert test)
      alk = 8.3 ( salifert test)
      salinity 1.025 refractometer
      temp 80
      158lbs of live rock
      60lbs of sand
      2 250 watt de 14k halides + 2 t5 atinics
      Pheonix bulbs 1-month old
      mixed reef
      color good on some acros and light brown on others
      tank is 15 months old
      algae on some rocks with bubbles accumulating
      Not getting good color as I would like! Plus the nuisance algae.

      I would appreciate the dosing recommendations as well as flow through the reactor.


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        Hi Mark, thnx. for your information With the ZEOvit method the KH must be between 6-8dKH & stable. In nutrient-poor waters[you'll get there] KH>8 can result in SPS-TN. For your system, let's estimate the net volume at 120g.
        1)dose 1 1/4 Cup carbon in a filter sock, passively placed in your sump, kneaded 3x's/wk & exchange the carbon monthly.
        2)dose 1 1/4 ltr. zeolites in a filter at a flow rate of ~125gph, a little more or less is fine. Cycle the stones on & off at 3 hr. intervals. Be sure the stones are submerged in water when the filter is "off". Pump-clean the zeolites 1-2 x's/day about 5-10 repetitions each time. Exchange the zeolites every 6 wks.
        3)dose Bak & Food7 4 drops daily for 2wks. then 4 drops 2x's/wk. Dose these near the filter pump when the filter is running. Turn off your skimmer for 60min after dosing these.
        4)dose Start2 .25ml 2x's/day. Dose Start2 near the filter pump. It is not necessary to turn off your skimmer when just dosing this.
        5)dose AAHC 2 drops daily;C-V 8 drops/day;PIF 3 drops 2x's/wk;Fe 1 drop 2x's/wk. Ask any questions? Thnx. Bob
        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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          Thanks for the info Bob. Do you use a certain brand of carbon? I have been using boyd's chemi-pure. Is this ok? I only have start2 , bak, & zeofood. Can start with just these and add the others after I get started? Do all of the doses go in at one time or should they be done slowly? Should aach,c-v,pif,Fe be dosed after the first two week or right from the beginning?


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            Good questions, Mark. Chemipure carbon is fine at least in Phase 1 & 2--later on in Phase 3 I've found signicant improvement with using the K-Z carbon. One doses Bak/Food/Start2, one right after the other in no particular order.[remember Bak is refrigerated] Do not mix them, however, in a common vessel before dosing--just dose right out of their bottles. AAHC, C-V, etc. are not necessary especially in the beginning. As nutrients become less, these are more essential to coral health, color & growth. Bob
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              Bob, could you tell me where to get the K-Z carbon? Also If I am running my co2 reactor hooked up to a timer, should it be turning off the co2 flow or the pump flow? I am trying to run it only a few hours a day to keep the calcium and alk up to the nsw numbers.



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                I think it best to turn off the CO2 and leave the circulation and feed pumps running full time.

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                  Hi Mark, the Korallen-Zucht carbon can be purchased from any zeo-dealerBob
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