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DEATH by kiddy pool

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  • DEATH by kiddy pool

    After months of preparation i was ready to begin the fun of tearing down my tank and the construction process of my new 320 inwall.

    I set up a temporary holding my bedroom of all places (dont ask why)..........consisting of a sump, bubbleking skimmer, heaters ,and a plastic kiddy pool (new) , with nice amount of power heads and stream pumps for circ.

    The pool was cleaned out and filled and refilled with fresh water a few times working out the bugs with the overflow. After all bugs were worked out, i filled her up with water from my up and running 300 established system and started moving a few corals in . During the week, i continued to move corals into the holding system. I had a couple pieces showing a little recession (mainly from being too close to the circ. i thought) but overall the corals seamed to make the move alright.
    By the end of the week, i had almost all of the acro's moved .
    This past saturday, I had a friend stop by and take my gorg's , clams , and plates for holding in his sytem. We noticed at that time a bit more recession on a few pieces in the holding tank........nothing terrible, most likely stress related (so we thought).
    Throughout the morning, I moved the ric's, monti's , and other various lps iinto the holding system . I did a water change , again , useing my up and running tank water.
    That afternoon, more recession.
    More water changes.

    Throughout the evening and into the night.........I lost alot of pieces. I changed as much water as i could, useing what I had left from the now torn down tank.
    Woke up at 3 am to find the tank water extremely cloudy , corals devoid of tissue and fish in BAD shape.
    Long story short, by 9 am i lost EVERYTHING. EVERY coral. Also lost a small goldflake, 2 small watanabeis, anthias , and a couple chromis. Managed to save a pair of chevrons which seam to be holding there own in a small 20 gallon.

    Im shareing this with you all for a couple reasons.

    Think REAL hard before you decide a larger/better tank is REALLY needed. Every time a coral is moved/system broke down there is a chance for failure. Ive transplanted/upgraded fairly sizeable systems before without considerable loss. I felt like i knew what i was doing, and confident of the outcome.

    My only guess as to what happened was some type of contaminant in the kiddy pool which leached into the salt water after a short time. The pool was purchased new and was unused. Who knows , but maybe something was spilled into it or was defective in some way that washing did not remove.

    BECAREFULL with unproven non "food grade" holding vessels for your animals. You will never REALLY know.

    I am NOT shareing this for sympathy or help in rebuilding my stock list. It was my decision and my risk, which i fully accept. For a brief moment sunday very early morning, i honestly was of a mind that this was it for me and this rediculous hobby. I ruined a perfectly functioning gorgeous (in my eye anyway) reef tank, stunk up my entire house, lost thousands of dollars, and most importantly..............killed alot of animals ---my fault or not.

    I now fully intend on continueing my new setup, as even a catastrophe such as this will not deter my love for this, sometimes insane, hobby.

    Whether or not you have a Tank of the month , or just starting out...............appreciate it ! You never know when/if it might not be there one day.
    Zeovit, Bubbleking, and grotech dealer.
    Avid SPS hobbyist

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    Damn Greg sorry to hear this...


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      Greg I feel your pain bro and it hurts to lse everything you were proud of I have nuttin but a few frags as of now one day they will grow out hopefully soon when that day comes if you ever like anything I have its yours
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        Hi Greg, I lost 4 old SPS on my move but did not anticipate the delay in transferring my chiller to my new system, & the water temp was in the high 80's for 36 hrs. I may have missed it but were you filtering the temporary tub with zeolites, etc.? What other theory do you feel could be at play in addition to possibility tub contamination? pH? temp drifts? other parameters? Thnx. Bob
        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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          Ugh, I can sympathize. I managed to kill off most of my stock in my holding system this past summer...
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            I am so sorry to hear this but also glad to hear that you are not giving up on this, indeed, sometimes insane hobby.

            I went through pretty much the same this summer when I moved and this is why I now only have 2 fishes in my reef tank and no corals.

            I have started over again as well.

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              When I went from my 90 to my new 240 last october I sold all my old corals and pretty much everything.. I then hooked up with Scottw old evolutionaquatics now and bought most of my stuff from him... I would have freaked out if I lost it all.. Greg I feel so bad to you.. Hopefully the corals your buddy took for you will be ok...



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                Thanks for your thoughts guys.............

                Holding my coral in this temp. setup was not my first choice. I had a couple friends with newly set-up large tanks and we were hoping they would be ready by the time i was. Didnt pan out that way.

                I cant honestly say I KNOW the pool was 100% responsible for this , but its my best guess. All of the water used from my existing system, which was very stable. I DID have a couple mild temp issues earlier in the a little colder than what id like.....maybe from 79 down to 75-76 at night. Seriously doubt that had anything to do with it at all. Never got warmer than 79.5.

                I suppose its POSSIBLE that one or two acro's didnt like the transition and decided to say bye bye , thus causing some type of chain reaction......seams very unplausible to me. The fact that i had ric's go , monti's , and on top of that ....FISH!?!?!
                Some type of poison i HAVE to believe. Ill never know and that just sucks.

                Lost alot of coral.......probably over 100 pieces.......some of which has been with me for 3-4 years grown out from frags.
                Blah! Im sick!

                Zeovit, Bubbleking, and grotech dealer.
                Avid SPS hobbyist


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                  Greg, did your conspic survive? or did you loose him?

                  very sorry to hear, i always loved your tank

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                    Man im sorry for your loss ill take your example because im about to move my tank in the next couple of months to a new bigger tank and i will take no chances even though my tank is only 30 gallons to be moved to a 65 gallon tank i love all my animals and i dont want any of them to perish in the transition i feel your pain.

                    Take care


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                      I'm sorry to hear this Greg. If there is anything I can do, let me know.


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                        Sorry to hear about your losses. I had the pleasure of viewing your system a few short weeks ago and it just makes me plain sad...I cannot even imagine what you must be feeling. I am glad you did not give up the whole hobby. You are definately passionate about what you create and do it well. Your next system will be awesome and through your losses others will learn.

                        Peace, Alicia


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                          Sorry to hear of your losses Greg.
                          Take Care,


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                            Greg, I am so sorry to hear about your looses. Wish you good luck in rebuilding everything, I know this is can be so frustrating.

                            All the best,



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                              Thnx. Greg for your reply--of course, my sentiments are as those that have already been expressed by others here. With your expertise, I was probing only in an effort to get your insight to a absolutely terrible situation, in the hope others could benefit in their future tank moves, Bob
                              "There might be something to this ZEOvit"