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    Ok so i entered a contest over at for a 2.5 nano tank now i wanna use zeo and have it mostly sps but some softies

    what would be the best way to do so

    this is the equipment list:
    standard 2.5 tank
    Aquaclear 300 hang on back filter
    70W 20K halide
    2-18w pc atinics
    maybe a closed loop if the filter isn't enough flow

    Please help me make my decision

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    Hi TTC, I'm not sure what the contest goals will be, but one can use ZEOvit here. Place one handful of pre-rinsed carbon in a filter sock hung over the tank side or in the tank corner. Knead this 3x's/wk & exchange monthly. Place one handful of zeolites in a filter sock in your Hagen filter, kneaded 1-2 x's/day. Exchange this every 6wks. Dose 1 drop Bak/Food7 every other day for one wk.with new zeolites, then 1 drop each 2x's/wk. Dose Start2 1 drop 2x's/wk. Dose AAHC 1 drop 2x's/wk. Dose C-V 1 drop 4x's/wk. Without a skimmer, do 10% WC's /wk, being careful the salinity & parameters do not flucuate. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      thanks i can't wait to get this started