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Vacation and a zeo tank

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  • Vacation and a zeo tank

    I'm leaving for a week or two, what am I supposed to do to the tank? I already had a pretty bad experience last summer, probably nutrients fell too low and some frags almost bleached (no, it wasn't the temperature). I was using ZS2 with a dosing pump, now it's many weeks I don't use ZS2 anymore, since the tank has reached the "nirvana" phase with stable 0.01 PO4. Obviously, I won't shake the rocks but I'll feed lightly the fish with an automatic feeder.

    BTW, flying to a REAL reef :icon_bigg

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    Will the tank have a caretaker while you are away?

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      Alessandro, where to? No need for you to do any zeo-dosing for 2wks. If however, you have a caretaker, I'd have he or she dose Bak/Food once a wk. to keep your bacterial chain[strain] intact & pump the stones at that time only, Bob
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        Alessandro, as I went away for 12 days last month, my caretaker only dosed AAHC and CV, and mixed up the zeolite daily as I do normally. The skimmer was throttled and the fish where feed every other day. Worked fine without any problems.