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    I just received Start 2 and I want to make sure my dosing will be correct. Please feel free to comment. It has been six weeks since my last Zeolith replacement.

    System volume 150 gallons.

    Zeolith media 1.5 liters
    ZeoBak 6drops per day (14 days) 3drops 2x/weekly
    Zeofood 6 drops per day (14 days) 3 drops2x/weekly
    Start 2 .3ml 2x/daily
    Amino's 3 drops daily
    Pot/Flour 3 drops daily
    Carbon .75 liters

    Thank you.

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    Hi Andy, without more info, I can not tell you if the zeo-doses are correct, but after the 1st zeolite period, Bak/Food7 are dosed every other day for the 1st 2wks. as opposed to daily dosings of these. Nutrient levels, age of one's tank, LR, bioload, history of previous KW use & coral appearances all weigh in on determining Start2 dosages, Bob
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