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Zeo filter and Red bug treatment

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  • Zeo filter and Red bug treatment

    For any of you guys that have had to treat red bugs,how did you run your zeo filter during treatment? I did'nt know whether to leave it off, remove completely or run as usual.

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    I ran mine as usual.. No problems at all and no bugs to date...


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      Jeff, did you add extra carbon or exchange same after Tx? Thnx, Bob
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        I only have 1 40g tank on my 350g system with acros in it.

        I shut off the return pump to that tank and only dosed that tank. 1/8 large pill plus 1/2 of another 1/8 (so more than the suggested dosage). I had 1 sea hare, two turbos and 3 hermits in that tank but I took them out first. I HAD at least 6 acro crabs. Within 30 min at least one acro crab was already dead. I left the drugs in the tank for six hours with a couple powerheads in place to keep things flowing.
        After the six hour treatment I just drained all but about 2 inches of water in the one tank and turned the return valve back on and slowly refilled the tank from the sump. I ran the return slow overnight so that all water went through a bunch of carbon before returning to the sump. I also have a micron sock on the return.

        After about 4 hours of treatment the acros were slimming up real bad. Everything looks ok this AM and I don't see any bugs ....yet. I know the whole system needs treatment but this will buy me some time.

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          Bob, I doubled the carbon to 4 cups for my net 200 gallons and kept it in for 3 days... I also only did 10% water changes both times. Lost acro crabs but have since gotten a few on a couple new RM pieces. I also lost pods but they seem to be coming back already. I dosed a little more then recommended also and left it in the tank 8 hrs before the water change.. I did 2 treatments and have been red bug free since. I lost no snails and treated everything in my tank with everything still running. I turned off the air to the skimmer but still let the water circulate in it.. I was nervous about doing it for a few months but since doing it I would do it again anytime I needed. Its painless and seriously nothign to it.. Do not let yourself get all worked up about it at all.. Best thing I have done for my acros besides the zeo method and CV...