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  • Going Zeovit, sort of....

    Hi everybody,

    I stumbled across the Zeovit method while surfing the net a few months back and have now found myself here on (I have gone through many posts and oogled the amazing tank and coral images).

    Below are the details of my tank, before I ask my questions.

    - 700mm long x 320mm wide x 350mm deep
    - Water depth roughly 330mm
    - Built in corner overflow with 25mm drain to sump
    - Tank is glass

    - 550mm long x 280mm wide x 380mm deep
    - This has been split into 3 chambers. First chamber is empty, receives water from 'skimmer sump'. Second chamber contains a DSB refugium. Water exits this chamber into the final area housing the return pump.

    - Roughly 15kg's of African live rock in the display tank
    - Shallow fine coral sand bed roughly 20mm deep with a grain size ranging from 0.5mm-2mm
    - Reverse daylight lit in-sump refugium containing various caulerpa sp. macro algae with deep sand bed of roughly 90mm. DSB consists of coral sand and live rockpool sand.
    - Red Sea Berlin Classic Skimmer housed in 30litre 'skimmer sump'.
    - 10litre water changes are done roughly every two weeks, sometimes every eight days depending on the condition of the sea. I only use natural sea water.

    - Return pump is a Resun Sp-5200 rated at 2800lph
    - The return pump goes through a SCWD wavemaker unit with each outlet going to opposite corners of the display tank.
    - After head pressure loss due to the SCWD and height of the display tank I should be getting roughly 1800lph through my sump.
    - 3 x power heads (500lph, 2 x 300lph)

    - 3 x 20w Resun 'blue' 10 000k NO flourescents
    - 1 x 20w actinic NO flourescent
    (normal ballasts are used on all above lamps)
    - 1 x 150w Double Ended Metal Halide 18 000K Venture (Standard MH ballast is used)
    - Total of 228w of light.
    - All lighting is suspended above display tank is a custom made luminaire containing two 80mm computer fans.
    - Refugium is lit by dual 15w Resun 'white 10 000k NO flourescents. These tubes are powered by electronic ballasts.
    - Display tank lights are on from 11:00 till 23:30
    - Refugium lights are on from 00:00 till 10:30 (reverse lit to main tank)

    - Kalkwasser is added via auto top off system. All freshwater added is kalkwasser enriched.
    - Freeze dried brineshrimp is added to the tank twice a day. Kent Phytoplankton is added roughly every 2nd day, just 4-6 drops.

    - PH = 8.1 - 8.3
    - Alk = DKH 11
    - CA = 440ppm
    - Nitrate = 5ppm
    - Phosphate = 0.2ppm
    (another parameters not tested, these are from my last tests by LFS three weeks ago. Unsure of kits used.)

    LIVESTOCK (fish & corals)
    2 x saddle back clownfish (A. Polynmus)
    1 x H. crispa anemone
    1 x green montipora capricornis
    1 x purple rimmed montipora capricornis (currently completely brown, new frag)
    1 x Lime Green Lobophyllia hemprichii
    1 x Green Favia sp.
    1 x Blue/Purple Favia sp.
    1 x Yellow/Green Favites sp.
    1 x Sinulularia dura
    1 x porites sp. (encrusting)
    2 x acropora sp. frags (purple tipped)
    1 x montipora frag (possibly capricornis)
    - Various montipora digitata frags (all purple)
    - Various colours of Zoanthus sp.

    This is the latest image of my tank (sorry for the poor quality):

    OKay, now on with the show My goal is to make this tank completely SPS dominated, with one or two clams in the near future. I'm in the process of selling/giving away all the LPS and softies.

    Question time:
    1. Is my tank too small to make full use of the zeovit method?
    2. Which of the zeovit products do you suggest I use while keeping my current filtration?
    3. If I go full zeovit method, should I remove my 'fuge?

    Thanks again for reading this super long post, just been wanting to ask questions for too long now. I hope to be one of few reefers in South Africa to try this amazing reefkeeping system.
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    The golden ratio is 1.61803399 - use it wisely.

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    Welcome to Your tank looks great. I think that might be the first time i've seen "african live rock" Besides the flourescent lights is it only 1 150 lamp or did I read that wrong?

    Anyway, your tank is not to small to use ZEOvit. There is no limits as far as tank size is concerned. You would want to start off with what we call the "basic 4" (zeovit media, zeobac, zeofood7, zeostart) The system works best when the media can be placed in a reactor with approximately 100 gph per 1 liter of zeovit. 1 liter of zeovit treats 100 gallons of water or 400 liters. Feel free to ask any more questions and once again, welcome


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      Hi OUinLA,

      Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I have 1 x 150w DE MH over my tank. This might be upgraded soon to a 250w DE 10K XM bulb.
      The African liverock is from Kenya, it is the most readily available live rock here in South Africa, the stuff from Indo costs a fortune.

      I've read (over and over for the last few months) and downloaded the PDF document outlining the use and method for zeovit. Now as my system holds in total roughly 125litres, I'd need roughly .25litres of zeovit to get started?

      / 20g ZEOnano9020 system / /

      The golden ratio is 1.61803399 - use it wisely.


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        Curvball, yes, between 1/4 & 1/3ltr of zeolites would be used for your system. It's best to run the zeolites thru a dedicated zeo-filter at ~100l/h water flow, cycling the zeo-filter at 3hrs. intervals of 3hrs "on" & 3hrs. "off" Bob
        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"