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Continual STN problems

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  • Continual STN problems

    Iv'e been on Zeo since May 1, 2005, and have had continuous problems with STN. It seems I always have 1 coral that is going through STN. It always starts from the base, and affects new corals as well as corals that I have had for years. Frags of the STN corals come back and grow. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions. Here is my parameters, and they are stable.

    135g RR with 3x250W 14K Phoenix, and 2x150W 20K AB bulbs, less than 3 months old. 6 hour photoperiod for all lamps, the 20K lights are on 11 hours. Knop Ca Reactor, ASM skimmer with wet skimming. Mild fish load. Shallow sand bed.
    Temp: 80-83F
    SG: 1.026
    pH: 7.9-8.1
    Alk: 7 dKH
    Ca: 480
    PO4: 0.03
    NO3: 0
    Zeo doses:
    3 drops Bak 2x a week
    5 drops AAHC 2x a week
    0.3ml Start 2 twice daily
    1 litre of Zeolites in sump shaken twice a day
    2 cups of carbon changed monthly

    Thanks for any responses,

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    Hi Joe, TN indicates "shut-down syndrome" by our corals for various factors. Could you tell me if you have in the recent past changed salts & what brand are you currently using? Plz. recheck your zeo-filter flow, it should be at ~100gph--too rapid a flow over this flow rate is dangerous & can result in your findings. Three other things from your post immediately jumps out. Your Ca is much too high to your KH. This imbalance can cause tissue loss. The proper Ca level to KH 7 would be in the range of 400-410. Low Mg can also cause your problem. Plz. measure this & maintain a Mg level >1250. I'd recommend lowering the reef temp to 78-80 variances. Higher temperatures as yours are at the edge of the safe limit for SPS, IME. Finally, you're using too much carbon/net water vol.[1Cup/100g]. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      Thanks for the response Bob. I use IO salt, and have used it for years so that should not be an issue. I know that having the Zeolites in the sump is not optimal, but did so due to space. Perhaps I do have too much flow, as I did recently upgrade my return pumps. I forgot to post my Mg level. It is 1380 and has been stable.

      I am going to do the following:
      1. I will get a Zeo reactor to verify the flow rate.
      2. I will lower the temperature a couple degrees over several days.
      3. I will lower my Ca level. The reactor needs a good cleaning anyway!
      4. I will reduce the carbon level.

      Thanks again for the prompt response. My corals are looking great and growing well on the Zeo system with the exception of the STN.



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        Thnx. Joe, plz. update us as you go alongBob
        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"