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are Cali torts supposed to turn blue?

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  • are Cali torts supposed to turn blue?

    hey all,

    i got a Cali tort frag recently, about two weeks ago or so. when i got it, it was deep purple. after acclimating and putting it in my tank, i noticed that the edges of the corallites began to turn very light, almost sky blue. i was kinda worried that it wasnt doing well. is this supposed to happen?


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    I got a cali tort from s berman and it was dark dark blue w. baby blue tips. Currently the coral is light blue. Are you using zeo products?.


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      i got mine indirectly from scott too. currently, the tank is on zeo, but its only been a few days.


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        I have a pic of mine in my gallery on rc.


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          i took a pic, but the zeo gallery isnt working for me


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            Mine were always blue as a blue x mas light, zeo or not.


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              The first time I got a tort from Berman it turn bright royal blue.

              No photoshopping this is the bright color it was outside in the sunlight.

              After a round of heat waves it started looking like this:

              That is the way it stayed from then on outside in the sun till I lost it this past Feb. But it grew like crazy.

              Here was my Bennett Tort -- Inside - This photo was Apr 04

              This photo was Nov 04

              This piece was also lost in Feb.

              Dave B
              400g SPS Reef - 33g Surge - +30k gph Flow - Lots of DIY / 1100g Outdoor SPS System / 280g FO Watch my Reef Tank, LIVE!!!


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                those are some awesome corals Dave. sorry they were lost

                this is my frag:

                i think it looks a little different than the berman tort that you posted?