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  • fish stocking ?

    In my 120 sps tank I currently have a lavender tang,fem bird wrasse and a doliatus rabbitfish. I use the zeovit system and have been for 6+ weeks. I have recently achieved .01 po4. Which I was pleased to say the least. My question is how would a harlequin tusk fish fit in my tank? I also wold like to add another smaller leopard wrasse or something similar and possibly a copperband butterfly. What do you guys think?

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    The tusk can become really big really quick so that is quite a bioload. IMHO, add the wrasse or butterfly first and see how it goes

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      Paul, AFAIK, the Copperband Butterflys are unpredictable in reefs. Sometimes they starve to death because of a lack of live food. Also, both the Butterfly and your Bird Wrasse have that destinctive "snout", maybe that means they are going for the same kind of food in the same places??? Just a thought...
      As far as the Harlequin Tusk is concerned, I don't think it will pick on your corals, but it may eat smaller fishes and shrimp (which is not much of an issue in your case). But, they do get fairly big (almost a foot....).
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        Thanks Farish and Gary . I alredy lost one copperband to that already. I have a hard time knowing when to quit. I was excited that my p04 was still droping even though I have some messy fish that I feed often.


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          Dude, a Harlequin Tusk just doesn't belong in a reef. They eat inverts. They like to rearrange things....
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            I have decided against the harlequin tusk for shure. It should not have been a hard choice but I get hung up on the stupid things. My corals are doing well so I go crazy with the fish.

            What about a pixy hawk or a flame hawk?