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should change salt brands?

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  • should change salt brands?

    I am about to buy some more salt. I have been using Instant ocean for a while now I add seachem reef calicium to buffer the low CA and high KH. Previously I was using oceanic but stopped when I was hearing of problems a year ago. So is oceanic a better way to go? I shure like the way it mixes closer to NSW.Any suggestions?

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    I'm sure a zeovit dealer could help set you up w/ Some KZ-Reefers salt. Another one to try maybe is Seachems new reef salt. I think it's on Marine Depot's site they have the chemical make up of the salt and reported calcium and Mg levels looked good. Not real sure on Alk. Pretty good price as well.


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      Hi Paul, I use both salts ~60% Oceanic & 40% IO for a good balance in Ca/Mg & KH & w/o excessive trace elements, Bob
      "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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        Prod, the new seachem salt is very good.. You have to add a little Ca to it but thats about it.. The mg tests to about 1200 but I have Mg granulate in my CA rx so I never have to add any. All other params are very good with this salt... Def worth a try if the price is right at Marine depot... As for Oceanic I used it also and never had any problems with it.. I switched to seachem because at IMAC they were giving free 50 gallon bags away. Well I got 3 of them and tried it out and the rest has been history.. Eric "Fragfarmer" also has used it and likes it as well...


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          So since no one is convincing me to keep the IO will start looking at the seachem I guess. I currently use their calcium an like it alot. I trust they make a good product.


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            Prod, its not that IO is a bad salt.. I used it for 13 yrs but with the zeovit system the params are way offline for NSW levels...