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Adding Zeo to my 20L SPS Tank

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  • Adding Zeo to my 20L SPS Tank

    So, I've decided to be the first in my area (that I know of) to run Zeo....

    My tank was born out of my old 5ga SPS tank. Some corals are insanely colored, while others are not.

    20L barebottom
    10ga sump
    AquaC Urchin Skimmer
    45x turnover from Mag9.5 thru a SCWD and several small PH's in the tank

    Phoenix 14k 250W DE
    PFO mini pendant (about 10" from water)
    IceCap e-ballast

    Ca 400ppm
    Alk 7-8 dKH
    Mg 1250
    pH 8.3
    Temp 78-80
    SG 1.025
    NH4/NO2/NO3/PO4 all zero with salifert test kit

    Live stock:
    handful of hermits
    handful of snails
    NO FISH!!!!
    About 30 SPS colonies and frags
    A few zoo hitchhikers
    A couple LPS

    I currently maintain Ca and Alk with 30ml each part A and B C-balance
    ATO system runs thru a DIY kalk reactor. Mg is maintaned with Tech-M. I dose Kent's Sr/Mo every other week. 1/2 dose of Seachem trace every week. About 5-10% w/c weekly (or not so weekly ) with Oceanpure salt.

    I build a DIY Zeo reactor that will be driven by a "choked" down microjet (25-20gph)

    I've read the entire Zeo pdf, but my questions are:
    1) What sort of dosing schedule should I be looking for? I was planning .2L zeoliths in my reactor with a 3 on/3 off cycle and 1 drop Bak and Food7 every day.

    2)What is the requirement for start2 in an already nutrient poor/stocked system, and should I add this to my schedule?

    3)Per the protocol, I should discontinue all other additives right? Except Ca, Alk, and Mg

    I'm ordering my stuff next week from a site sponsor

    Thanks for all you input, John
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    Hi John, welcome to, sounds like fun & your dosing & system plan is good. I'd recommend the following for your system:

    1)dose any little more zeolites[no LR]--use 300ml quantity at 25gph with cycling on & off. Pump clean the stones once or twice a day, when the filter pump is running. Exchange these in 4wks. then the cycle-period for zeolites exchange extends to 6wks.

    2)dose 1/4 Cup carbon in a filter sock, passively, in your sump, exchanged monthly

    3)dose 1 drop Bak & Food every other day for 2wks. then dose 1 drop each 2x's/wk. Dose these when the zeo-filter is "on". Turn off the skimmer for 60min after dosing these & dose each in front of the filter pump.

    4)dose Start2 1 drop daily near the filter pump. It is not necessary to turn off the skimmer when just dosing Start2

    5)dose AAHC & PIF 1 drop 3x's/wk. Dose Fe 1 drop once a wk.

    6)dose Coral-Vitalizer 1-2 drops daily

    #'s 5 & 6 are not a must but will help with coral color & growth. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      Thanks for the input Bob!

      Originally posted by Aged Salt

      1)dose any little more zeolites[no LR]--use 300ml quantity at 25gph with cycling on & off.
      Could you clarify the first part

      As for the additional additives (AAHC, CV, PIF, and Fe) is it best to start with them along with the basic 4, or can I start them at a later time using you're dosing plan?

      Again, thanks...John


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        Hi John, use 1/3ltr. zeolites in a zeo-filter with the filter flow rate ~25gph. A little more or less flow is fine. I would recommend also using AAHC & C-V now, adding the PIF & Fe after the next zeolite change-out. Bob
        "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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          Thanks Bob!!!

          I'll post some pics once things get rolling.....