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How long for mulm to form?

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  • Aged Salt
    Hi CornDogg, the filter flow rate is 100gph/ltr. zeolite, ie. if one is using a 1/2 ltr in one's filter then the flow should be ~50gph. Your situation is normal, however, as mulm production is a by-product of the bacterial colonization process which does take some time, especially when the zeolites are not already seeded from previous colonized bacteria[with the next zeolite exchange, use 5-10% "old" zeolites to seed the new] & nutrient availability. Bob

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  • corndogg
    started a topic How long for mulm to form?

    How long for mulm to form?

    I coming up on my first week running zeo!!!! How long does it take for the mulm to start forming on the rocks? I clean the rocks twice daily but I'm not getting much. Is it possible that I have too much flow through the reactor?