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  • ORA in Japan!

    Hmmm.. I never knew Dustin made a barrier breakthrough with Japan. I always thought Japan always did their own thing, but not with this news.

    We do the import wholesale trade of the strong cultivation bear chisel of the ORA brand. H.I.D the only distributor - is in the Japan of ORA.

    ORA revival fair opening! Celebrating the revival of ORA, you give the "ORA specially made ball-point pen" to the customer who purchased the early introduction lot. As for details to handling store of the vicinity! Make wait it did! ! ORA revives finally! ! The American ORA corporation received big damage with the extra large size hurricane which fall of last year attacks Florida, after that we stopped also the supply to Japan. Everyone of the multitude sending the voice of support for a long time to be patient everyone who is waiting for the fish of ORA, via the mail, it was grateful truly.

    Enlargement ORA of the fish farm has planned two principal enlargement projects in 2005. As for one, by the fact that the fish farm of the fish is expanded, as for the width it becomes also 18,000 square feet. As for being complete the type which presently has been cultivated as for the area which of course, this is expanded it is used for also developing "new species". We bear important role as the space which experiments the new species which is not presently still being able to offer. Another new enlargement project is the fish farm of the hard coral and the software coral of ORA. The building where these are new is designed from one as a fish farm of the invertebrata of specification. Technology from the fish farm of our present corals, and everything of the contents which evolved are installed in the equipment where these are new. Supply of the invertebrata of coral and シャコガイ etc. is late from damage of the hurricane 2004, but it probably is in the near future to become thorough system.

    ORA JAPAN ORA JAPAN, the United States ORA Inc. ハイクオリティー it introduced the aqua cultured fish to the Japanese aqua list, it was established to 2003 in order knowledge and others to close the proposition widely, corporation h eye D インターアクティカ (Suguru Satoshi Kimura Chief Executive Officer) with by cooperation. Because of this, it became in the same way, possible as European-American countries which are the aquarium advanced nation which already can enjoy the aqua cultured fish easily to service in the same way to also the Japanese user. When this is very much splendid thing in the Japanese aquarium industry, of proper standpoint of industry is thought, it is remarkable progress. Association of worldwide aquarium advanced nation is carried out with the process which keeps offering the commodity of ORA in Japan which as usual is environmental underdeveloped country in spite, more makes the recognition have designates that as first purpose even in the general people importance of natural environment through the aquarium trader and the user.

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