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Xenia eating worm ( I think )

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  • Xenia eating worm ( I think )

    Have been having a problem with the xenia in my frag system for a while now, every now and then for no apparent reason one of them will suddenly shrink right up, totally retracted. Stay like it for maybe a couple of days, then come back.
    So today I was looking at one totally pulled into itself, then I see what looks like a worm. Got tweezers and pulled him out, he was tunnelled right into it. He was really hard to see, exactly the same colour as the xenia.

    Here he is

    Photo not so good, (like all my photos). However, he is segmented like a bristleworm, but without bristles. Perhaps he is a type of bristleworm, I don't know. I've still got him alive in the jug, just incase anybody may know how to get a positive ID.