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Predator vs acropora III

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  • Predator vs acropora III

    Here's the star.he's a handsome devil and not at all camera shy! The only problem is i couldn't figure out why two corals were looking feathered and stripped at the tips.It seems this moviestar was dining out at a different restaurant each night.Once he'd had his fill of indonesian food, he'd move on and taste the menu across the road.Hard to see in the photo,but he's caught mid entree,and you may see where he's been, by the whitened and shredded tips. It's not his last appearance though as he now resides at the sump rock cafe.
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    Crikey, i hate those things! Thats the problem with getting LR straight from the GBR, i get loads of bad guys.

    Great pics, i find them hard to catch, how did you get it? take the whole coral out? Or use pincers?

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      Gidday josh,that coral rests on a ledge so no prob to pull it out and dislodge the passenger.I don't worry about the smaller porcelain crabs in most acros,and must admit this is the first time i have ever seen any destructive behaviour from any crab!Maybe some boffin can id him,note the larger right hand claw?