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    Hello Scott, can you please post the actual PO4 level also ?

    Have you already done the first ZeoVit exchange ?



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      Apologies, only just seen your reply.

      Since my post, both nitrite and nitrate have dropped dramatically to zero and 3ppm respectively. This is via 50L per week water changes and normal dosing of zeo products.

      PO4 is 0.03 ppm and I'm midway through second zeovit period in the initial 4 week change period. That is, in a couple weeks time, be on my third batch of stones and won't change for 6-8 weeks.

      Must say, I'm very impressed with the way the dosing elements are taking care of the tank. Very good readings and very little glass algae. The algae I had on coral bases is also struggling, which is great news.

      Question, would large nuisance algae (gha) die and melt away in an ULN environment? Or do I need to physically chop it off and remove?

      Thank you


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        Hello Scott, good to hear things are working well. Basically the growth of hair algae does decrease the poorer the system is and they do die off after some time if they are not able to get bound nutrients from the rocks directly. To speed up this process you can manually remove them regular, also herbivore like snails and a urchin might be helpful as they do eat them if they are short. You can additional try to dose 1 ml CoralSnow / 25 US gallons every other day for some time to support this proces.