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    my tank and sump size are 1200x700x600(H), 1000x600x500(H).
    and except sand, rock, coral..etc and actually sump height is 25cm.
    so... around 600L → i will change my net volume.

    i changed my RO/D filter last month.
    TDS is 0.

    Salt is AF reef salt

    and i will stop below "coloration” elements.

    [ZEOvit schedule]
    : 1L(400L/H flow - apex)
    Activated Carbon: 0.5L replaced every 4 weeks
    Zeostart3: 0.56ml(2 x day, 7am, 7pm)
    Sponge Power : 6 drops every other day
    Pohl's Xtra: 0.8ml/day Stop
    Pohl's Coral Vitializer: 6 drops/day
    B-Balance: 2.5ml/day Stop
    AcroGlow: 6 drops/day Stop

    [Cyano Mixture]
    PCS 13ml + Bak 12 drops + cyanoclean 15 drops / day
    BM 12 Drops / every other day
    ZZ / WED, SUN

    how about sponge power?
    stop or ?
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      Due to your antibiotics, biological changes, Sp can’t stop, let’s keep Zeo Sponge Power 6 drops every other day, Zoe Bac 6 drops 3 times a week, Zeo Start 0.56ml x 2 a day. Pull the zeolite material 2 times (every day Morning and evening). Within 10 days x3 times, change the water 15%. At the same time, siphon cyano to make more outlets, and then give the mixture treatment, Zoe Coral Snow+Zoe Bac x10 days. B-Balance can continue to be administered (5.6ml, 2 to 3 times a week)


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        What is the current actual phosphate level? I'm not sure about the current situation of the tank, does the coral tissue look deep? Please also remember to balance as much as possible, especially the reactor flow, make sure it is correct, not too fast, and keep everything gradually stable. Include basic water parameters and potassium levels.


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          current water parameter

          Sal : 33.8 psu(GMH-3431, apex cross check)
          Temp : 25.7
          alk : 7.7dkh(apex, hanna cross check)
          Ca : 430ppm(salifert, apex)
          Mg : 1530ppm(salifert, apex)
          K : 360(salifert)
          No3 : 0.5ppm(salifert)
          Po4 : 0.03ppm(hanna ULR)

          i think parameter is normal.
          (K is a little low but it isn't issue i think)

          i think i should raise No3 around 5ppm due to reduce nutrient level by red-field ratio.

          anyway i didnt use any items for my tank 3 month ago.


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            If you want, try #47. The potassium level is low, slowly increase K+~380 mg. From the phosphate in #21 to the current PO4=0.03ppm, the nutritional level seems to have risen, and the additional BioMate dose is good (Every other day, 2 drops/100 liters). Vacuum clean the sand and Skimmer adjust the wetness. Dino question, can you post more pictures about your tank? (Display system, sump, and more)


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              There is another question. The Mg level seems to be a bit high. Has it been supplemented? If it is supplemented by other means and the level is correct, then the level is a bit high. I always refresh the elements by changing the water every week. If you do not add supplemental magnesium in any way, there may be a difference in salinity/test package. The basic water parameters are recommended to be balanced/online with each other. Too high/too low will not bring better results to corals. Mg 1250~1300.

              Even if this is not a serious problem at the moment, I would still recommend that you pay a little attention to this detail to make the coral balanced and comfortable instead of feeling stressed.


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                i will share my tank and sump system soon.
                i added Mg until 1400ppm last year. (i operated high mg status)
                Currently, i do not dose any items except zeovit products.

                anyway i will try belows.

                1. rise K : ~ 380pmm
                2. #47


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                  Originally posted by jacky View Post
                  Is Cyano's situation serious? Has the situation improved gradually since treatment? If the ro/di is good, (make sure to use the resin material as the last channel of the filter), let us keep the Zoe plan, adjust the skimmer moist, and be sure to keep the collection cup clean for more outlets. Try to change the water more and at the same time Do more cleaning of the affected area. Let us slightly adjust the dosage of the nutrition/coloring product, Xta 5.6ml 1-2 times a week
                  i forgot your question for a long time.

                  Question 2: Is the lamp old?
                  → I use T5 39W 2EA as sub light. main is radion 30W 3EA
                  → T5 : ATI blueplus, ATI Actinic
                  → Setup : Oct 2019, i didn't change any bulbs

                  Question 3: Is there too much red spectrum?
                  → i use red spectrum as 24% at my LED light

                  Is the cause of cyano related to red spectrum or old bulbs?


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                    Good lighting (high K-number lamps) is also one of the ways to avoid the flooding of cyano. Usually we choose high color temperature lamps. Corals can generally perform well and grow well, which can also limit the growth of cyano. However, iron Ions also provide energy to nourish cyano. It is mentioned that iron ions cause dino or cyano due to the leaching of harmful substances in some equipment or other plastic products. This is all possible.

                    T5 tube, it is usually recommended to replace 8-10 months in use

                    I have no experience in using led, so I can’t give you advice, sorry. 24% may be too much?
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                      Click image for larger version

Name:	image_26322.jpg
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                      i resolved cyano issue finally.
                      my water parameter and zeovit schedule is below.


                      [WATER PARAMETER]
                      Salinity : 33.9psu @25.5℃ (GMH-3431)
                      Alk : 7.13dkh (Apex)
                      Mg :1429ppm (Apex)
                      Ca : 502ppm (Apex)
                      K : 370ppm (Salifert)
                      No3 : 10ppm (Salifert)
                      Po4 : 1ppb (Hanna)

                      [ZEOvit schedule]
                      Zeolites: 1.4l(24Hr, 500L/H flow - apex)
                      Activated Carbon: 0.5L replaced every 4 weeks
                      Zeostart3: 0.6ml(2 x day, 7am, 7pm)
                      Zeobak: 6 drops 2x week
                      Bio Mate: 6 drops 2x week
                      Sponge Power : 6 drops 3x week
                      Pohl's Xtra: 3ml/day
                      Pohl's Coral Vitializer: 12 drops/day
                      B-Balance: 2ml/day
                      AcroGlow: 12 drops/day
                      Coral Snow: 5.6ml 1x week

                      please more advise for the next step.
                      i wanna make the coral color more bright like as "Published Featured Tank" in zeovit forum.


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                        If corals age growing well I would recommend you some changes for your dosing regimen:

                        Zeostart3: 0.6ml(2 x day, 7am, 7pm)
                        Zeobak: 5 drops 2x week
                        Bio Mate: 10 drops 2x week
                        Sponge Power : 5 drops 3x week
                        Pohl's Xtra: 3ml 2 x week
                        Pohl's Coral Vitializer: 12 drops 2 x week
                        B-Balance: 10 ml 2 x week
                        AcroGlow: 12 drops 2 x week

                        Coral Snow: 5.6ml 1x week

                        This should basically lighten the coral tissue a little bit, additional Ca and Mg are both relative high so I would recommend to slowly let them drop to the recommended rages.



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                          i wanna dose daily below items because i use dosing pump.
                          so i will divide total by 7 days.

                          Pohl's Xtra: 3ml 2 x week → Total 6ml a week → 0.85ml day
                          B-Balance: 10 ml 2 x week → Total 20ml a week → 2.8ml day

                          but, i have some question about BB.
                          why is rise it more for lighten the coral tissue?

                          and are there any products I need to add?


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                            You can split the dosing quantities if you like to but especially with B-Balance I had better effect while doing a higher quantity at once. B-Balance does lighten the coral tissue slowly, increases basal growth and does have a positive impact to coloration. If corals are getting to light just skip dosing temporary or decrease the quantity. The lighting effect is a slow process so you can not compare it with ZeoSpur2.