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ZEO conversion time...I'm (almost) ready to jump in!

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  • ZEO conversion time...I'm (almost) ready to jump in!

    Hello All,

    Now that I have begun to accumulate a fair number of SPS (both frags and colonies), I think it’s only fair to the corals that they receive the best of care, which means it’s finally time for me to go ZEO, naturally . Although I am familiar with a few of the products/methods, any advice from the experts would be greatly appreciated. To help you guys out, here my answers to Invincible’s suggested Qs in this thread.

    I should also note that I am in the process of planning/setting up a new cube tank, which will house only SPS and LPS, but since it wont be set up for awhile, I want to get the hang of the ZEO system beforehand.

    1. Gross water volume – 50 gallons

    2. Net water volume - approx. 30 gallons

    3. CaCO2 reactor – Not in this tank (will in new one); please see below for means of Ca and alk maintenance.

    4. PO4 reactor - No

    5. Ozone - No

    6. UV - No

    7. skimmer – Aqua Medic Turboflotor Multi; rated for 250g.

    8. PO4 and NO3 levels - PO4 = undetectable, but I do believe it's present due to algae growth; NO3 = also undetectable.

    9. Ca, Alk and Mg levels – Ca = 420+, KH = ~8 (hard to maintain w/ Oceanic salt); Mg = honestly, not sure.

    10. filtration method - skimmer, LR, carbon, Purigen; had a refugium (when it was removed, the algae problems began).

    11. Type of light - One 175w 13k AB MH, Two 95w Super Blue URI actinic bulbs (total 110w VHO).

    12. What corals do you keep – Mostly SPS and LPS; some softies. Also a huge long tentacle anemone and a few fish (skunk clown pair, royal gramma, anthias, and mandarin...all have been in the tank for atleast a year; the mandarin and clowns even more).

    13. Tissue color – [I’m assuming on SPS] All ranges--I have acquired corals that have become both, and neither occurrence is more prominent (but LPS usually deepen in color).

    14. How long has the tank been running - over 2 years.

    15. Why do you want to use the ZEOvit system - For increased health/color of my corals via nutrient reduction.

    16. Any supplemental dosing - currently I dose Seachem’s Reef Builder for alk and Reef Advantage Calcium for Ca maintenance, although I rarely use the latter as the Oceanic salt seems to provide plenty. I have a tough time keeping my alk in check, so I do go through a good amount of buffer to keep it up. I also wonder if the low alk in Oceanic has helped to contribute to the recent algae growth (which othe users of this salt brand have experienced).

    17. Live rock - About 40-60 lbs; most is over 2 years old; other pieces have been added gradually over time.

    18. Any present problems - As stated before, algae has begun to accumulate, and I am fighting to keep the alk up (my #1 reason for using a CaCO2 reactor for next tank).

    19. Problem description - Just hair algae; I notice the growth on the back wall and sand bed (which is about 1" of "fine" aragonite, BTW). In general, SPS do OK...not super, but there is obvious growth on almost all, which include acros, montis, etc.

    20. What test kit - Seachem; fairly new (I work at a LFS, and we go through the kits pretty fast due to offering free water tests).

    21. Present dosing, amounts and intervals - This is my reason for posting.

    22. Other water parameters - SG = 1.025 (constant); temp = 79-82F; PH = 8.2-8.3; all other levels stable.

    I hope this helps. Also, below is a pic of the tank (as of 9-12-05) so you can know what you're dealing with. Unfortunately, the only recent one I have is actinic only, but I will shoot one with full lighting tomorrow.

    (Please excuse the quality. Pic was not edited - blue removed via AWB on camera)

    So, I guess my main question is which products do you recommend I use initially? I do plan to purchase a Zeo reactor as well.

    Much thanks,

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    Hi Kayla, I luv your idea of starting ZEOvit on your present tank. Of course, plz. understand & know the guide thoroughly--it will allow you to enjoy this method so much more & was written expertly by Alexander ****. I've never had a problem with Oceanic causing algae outbreaks--it's your sequestered nutrients. Oceanic being high in Ca/Mg makes keeping these parameters inline easy. A zeo-filter from Madison[OUinLA] or Grotech's allow the zeolites to function maximally, so purchase one sized for your next tank. For your system[btw, I like your current set-up] I recommend the following:
    1)dose 1/3 Cup carbon in a mesh-bag, passively, in your sump, kneaded 3x's/wk & changed monthly.
    2)dose 1/3 ltr[350ml] zeolites at a flow rate of ~50 gph. Cycle these stones on & off at 3 hr. intervals. Pump clean the zeolites 1-2 x's/day. Exchange these in 4wks. & repost for dosage adjustments.
    3)dose 2 drops Bak/Food7 daily for 2wks, then 2 drops each 2x's/wk. Remember to turn off the skimmer for 60min after dosing these. Dose these in frint of the zeo-filter's pump, when the filter is operating.
    4)dose 3 drops Start2 2x's/day daily. It is not necessary to turn off your skimmer when just dosing Start2. Also dose these near the filter pump.

    To help with your nusiance algae, manually remove daily & minimize fish-feedings. Plz. ask Q's as you have them. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      Bob, thanks for the help! I will certainly be doing as much reading as possible before I start. I will also keep you updated as to how everything goes.

      Thanks again,


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        so you are Majesticangelfish's woman Glad to have you with us


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          Yep, I sure am the lucky girl and thanks! I'm very excited to join the gang.


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            lucky girl, boy does he have you fooled hehe.. he was going to post pics of you in the shower online.. better do it before he does ..

            jk.. again many welcomes to the site, we are glad to have you..

            Do you both live in Atlanta? If so what part? I have a lot of family down there.


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              LOL, well he knows better than to do that...

              I do live in Atlanta--in the Gwinnett county area. Where is your family located?

              Thanks again.


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                haha.. yeah ..

                Just down the road from you in Alpharetta. I come down often, maybe we can all get together and you can show me your tanks? I do enjoy to look at tanks, always gives me new ideas.


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                  Scott you're in this area?! When are you going to stop by and drink a cold one?

                  </thread hijack>


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                    Originally posted by SeanCallan
                    Scott you're in this area?! When are you going to stop by and drink a cold one?
                    no ding dong my family is lol.. when I come back over xmas I will give you a call for sure bro we can go sip a nice big tall cold one . I will get all you info before I come down bro.


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                      Cool. I'm down in Statesboro, but I spend most of my weekends and such in that area with friends.


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                        kayla, do you have a sump? where do you plan on putting the rocks?


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                          hey kayla, i've also got alk problems...its strange, cause calcium will stay pretty stable at around 400-420 ppm (salifert), but alk is low at like 6dkh (salifert)...


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                            Detritivore, a drop in KH is always more drastic when compared to CA. This is especially so when the CA/KH supply does not meet demand. If you are using a CR, u need to tune it so that the KH stays stable i.e supply=demand.

                            Tools to help you tune your CR:

                            Article on CA/KH supply/demand in a reeftank:
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                            Setup: 250G System, ATI Powermodul 10x80w T5s, 4x6100 Tunze Streams & 7095 MultiController, Deltec PF1000 CR, Deltec AP902 Skimmer, IKS, Zeovit, Artica 1Hp Chiller


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                              Originally posted by Detritivore
                              kayla, do you have a sump? where do you plan on putting the rocks?
                              I do have a sump (10 gal), and I do plan to buy a ZEO reactor...I just need the time to work out all the expenses and send a few PMs.

                              fkadir, thanks for the links!