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  • So, thats me done the 3 water changes as advised, I can confirm that my Phosphate is reading 0.00 and Nitrate is 10, no other methods other than the Zeo Reactor are bing used for nutrient export, all other parameters are within the suggested parameters.

    I have also changed over my ATI Bulbs, so, previously I had 4 Blue Plus, this has been changed to 2 Blue Plus and 2 Coral Plus, albeit there is still a level of Blue, there is a definite whiter tint to the water, crisp white as opposed to a yellowy white, if that makes sense.

    In terms of the dosing regime suggested by Jacky, does it matter if you use any of the products on the same day or is it best to spread across say a 7 day period ?

    I have also added a few more SPS Frags and so far all are doing well, plenty of polyp extension and some of the original frags are showing growth.


    • I'm very happy to hear this good news. The NO3 part should be zero over time. Currently NP is great

      Lighting changes, after 2 weeks, the coral should be able to see different changes

      Sorry, I don't quite understand what you mean. The product can basically be administered at any time, which is no problem.
      3 doses per week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 2 doses per week: Tuesday, Thursday

      Don't forget to keep basic water parameters inline (including potassium)


      • Thanks Jacky, you have answered all my questions, will post pic's in a couple of weeks once the corals have adapted to the new lighting and two weeks of adding the various elements.


        • Looking forward, I am very excited and happy for you.