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    Not sure if there is a law to put a date sticker on liquid products in Germany however the label does show the minimum shelf live of the products. Usually they are fine even if the date has passed but there is no guaranty.



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      Thanks G. Alexander, they have assured me that it will be ok to use, so, will take them at their word.

      I have just been looking through my list of Zeo products and have the following items available;

      Pohl's Extra Special
      Amino Acid
      Coral Vitalizer
      Coral Snow
      Sponge Power

      Please can you advise what products I should be using and how often.

      I suppose what I am after is guidance on what products can be dosed together and the intervals between, so, for example, should I be using Coral Snow every day or every other day, or what would be handy is a timetable of products; eg

      Monday - Coral Snow and PIF
      Tuesday - B-Blance and Amino Acid
      Wednesday - Sponge Power



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        The dosage of most products depends to coral coloration. Can you please post some actual SPS coral pictures if possible at natural light (not to blue) ?

        Please also post the actual PO4 and NO3 level.



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          PO4 = 0.02
          NO3 = 5/10 Awaiting delivery of new Nyos Nitrate Test Kit as I'm not confident that my current test is accurate.

          I will try and get pics up later once the lights start to kick in, however, I suspect that my schedule will be to Blue, that and having to use a camera phone will not represent the corals in the best light.


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            I personally prefer PO4 = 0. I personally observed the difference when PO4 = 0 ~ 0.02 (I did experience it myself). The coral does not look bright, and the tissue is slightly dark.

            everyone's taste is different. I think PO4 = 0, which is really better.

            What is the basic product dosage plan
            What is the flow rate of zeolite reactor

            Of course, if you think PO4 = 0.02 is your taste, then you can ignore these problems.


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              Based on the advice given, I will aim for PO4 = 0

              One area of concern for me is around the test kits used to get these levels, most people use either Red Sea or Salifert, can I ask which Test Kits you both use and why ?

              I have not longed purchased a Hanna Calcium Checker and have to say when compared to either of the above Brands there is a significant difference in the results provided. I will be over the coming months purchasing the other Hanna checkers as these based on user feed back would appear to give a more robust and consistent result.

              I will also be sending away for the ATI ICP Test which should give me a good bench mark to work from, as soon as I have the ICP Tests ba k, I will of course post the results here.

              Thanks again.


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                I have personally use a Hanna photometer (not the checker) for PO4 a high sensitive test kit like the Machery Nagel or Merck is also very accurate at those low levels.

                For Ca and KH I have used Machery Nagel test kits.



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                  I personally use hannaPO4 test, Salifert Kh Ca Mg K +


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                    A few pictures as promised


                    • Thank you for the picture. The picture is very blue. I don't see it very clearly, but it gives me the feeling (my personal taste). Keeping Zeo's basic product plan, Zeo CoralSnow is also good. You can try to make most corals receive only light source lighting, and use well-balanced lighting as a food source. In the basic water parameters are good and stable and low malnutrition good and suitable spectrum, most LPS can perform very healthy.

                      Of course, if everything is fine, low nutrition, no algae problems, no Cyano problems, and corals have signs of growth, then it is recommended that nutritional products can be dosed at 50%, starting at 2 per week.

                      This is my dose:

                      Let ’s do 3 water changes in 10 days, 15% each time, this refreshes the elements in a balanced way

                      Zeo CV-4 drops, 3times a week
                      Xtra-2ml, 2 times a week
                      Zeo AA-2 drops, 2 times a week
                      Zeo BB-2ml, 3 times a week
                      Zeo PIF-2 drops, 2 times a week
                      Sponge Power 2 drops every other day
                      CoralSnow 2ml, 3 times a week
                      Zeo KB-keeps 380 mg stable

                      If it were me, I would try like this


                      • Thanks Jacky, water change was done on Sunday so will do the additional 2 changes over the time period suggested, one area that I haven't really touched on is around my current lighting which consists of a Giesemann Stellar Hybrid system, currently set up with the following bulb configuration, Front to Back 2OFF ATI Blue Plus T5, Orphek LED Bar Blue Plus, Orphek LED Bar Reef Day Plus, Orphek LED Bar Blue Plus, ATI Blue Plus T5 and ATI Purple Plus T5, would appreciate if you or G.Alexander could comment on my current system and if any changes could be made to the bulb combination what these would be and your input to Bulb Configuration.

                        Can I assume that I would be better adding the supplements once the water changes have been completed.


                        • I'm so happy that you discovered the indirect cause of spectral lighting. I'm sorry, I don't have a good idea in this respect, but the spectrum looks very blue


                          • Thanks Jacky, I agree in relation to it being very blue, hopefully g.alexander will be able to add some additional insight into bulb configuration.