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Best way to raise Mag safely?

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  • Best way to raise Mag safely?

    My Mag was 1100. I raised it to 1170 by adding 115 ml of B-Ionic Mag daily for 10 days. I have had tissue loss from some of my sps. In the guide, it says that Mag supplements which contain chlorides can cause this.

    What should I use to raise Mag to appropriate levels? The other readily available Mag supplement (Seachem) also contains chlorides. Would the KZ liquid Mag supplement work?

    I have Grotech Mag granules in my Ca reactor, but they don't seem to work. I may try the zeo granules, but my understanding is that they are meant maintain Mag levels, not increase them significantly.

    Current Tank: 75g sps restarted with ZEOvit August 2004, Aqua Connect 14K 250W SE MH x 2, SLS HQI ballasts, 54W blueplus T5s x 2, H&S A150 external (recirculating) skimmer, Tunze Stream 6060, 6000 with single controller, Geo Ca reactor, in-sump ZEOvit reactor from Madison, Aquacontroller

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    Not an expert on this but I find it rather surprising that raising magnesium from 1100 to 1170 could do any damage, even magnesium chloride. You sure there is no other issues that could cause the problem?
    I dose magnesium chloride with a little magnesium sulphate, I've sometimes increased levels a lot more than that and never had a problem from it.


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      Tom, I would check all other params.. Also how much of the MG granulate do you have in your CA RX compared to the reactor media? Should be 15% or so. If its not working though I owuld add more to the reactor. I use the growtech MG granulate also at about 15% and always run about 1380-1420.. When I was adding MG before the granulate I used Kents and never had any problems as Allistar stated.. I was going through a gallon every 4-6 weeks too... Let us know how all the params check out...

      Peace, Jeff


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        When I found out I had a Mg problem a while ago, I raised it up over a couple of days from 1000 to 1300... but now its at 1400 over the course of water changes. I actually saw the health increase of the corals over a couple of weeks. You can tell a difference.


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          Does it matter if MG granulate is on the bottom or top of the CA rx?


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            Yup, doesnt matter if its at the top or bottom. Start off with a conservative 10% and monitor over a few days to see if MG is stabilized or still reducing. If its still reducing , add more until the Mg stabilizes.

            Remember, its always easier to ass then trying to take out the granulates cos the MG levels are skyrocketing.

            Setup: 250G System, ATI Powermodul 10x80w T5s, 4x6100 Tunze Streams & 7095 MultiController, Deltec PF1000 CR, Deltec AP902 Skimmer, IKS, Zeovit, Artica 1Hp Chiller


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              Tom, I have used the Mg granulate to rise Mg level with a higher quantity for some weeks. It was about 50 % Mg granulate and 50 % coral gravel. After Mg was up to 1250 mg I go back to the normal Mg granulate quantity. Works fine and slow. I keep this level between 1200 - 1250 mg.



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                I use magnesium chloride to raise my magnesium, never had any problem even raising it from 1100ppm to 1300ppm. it is best to do it over a few days and add a bit of epsom salt to the magnesium chloride as this will balance the magnesium.

                check out this site

                andy hipkiss