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    i have a idea, I would want to change the method of my 400 liter tank, I use normally zeovit.

    i do not like live rock and i want to see from the high my sps places directly on the sand

    now i have approximately 70 kg live rock without sand on the bottom.

    my idea is to take apart all, to make a deep sand (sugar size) approximately 10 cm and to put only some live rock, 10 kg max

    you think this operation a risk for my SPS?

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    anytime you take something on a tank, and rip it apart, there is going to be stress on a SPS. I personally wouldnt do it just for the risk alone. Unless you can setup a prop tank to hold everything while you break it down, set it back up, let it cycle, then add the things back.

    Why is it you want to do this?


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      You can definitely go this route, but like scott said, it will imbalance your bacteria load since this is where most filtration comes from (live rock). If I were you, I would do it in phases. Here are some pics of tanks that have low corals to the ground:


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        thanks invincible
        how I can make all this step by step?
        I thought to take off some live rock every week while I change the water until nearly the total lack
        at this point I could remove the animals and to put dbs
        but the new sand creates me problems?
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