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Zeolite rocks without flow for 24 hours

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  • Zeolite rocks without flow for 24 hours

    Hi there yesterday when i was doing some maintenance of the pump for the reactor of the zeo rocks i closed the valve so the reactor where the rocks are would not drain out while i was cleaning the pump but i forgot to open the valve when i finished the cleaning process(wife called to do something in the yard)and the rocks stayed without flow for 24 hours i noticed when i got back from work today would it do harm to the filter or should do something like dose bak/food to restore the dead bacteria as i asume that i created a huge anaerobic culture inside the reactor all of the corals look ok everything is fine.

    Thanks guys

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    it's not a problem..

    just run it as normal and dose abit of bak and food... or better if it's your weekly bak and food dosing time.
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      Thanks Keigo lucky for me i was supposed to dose bak/food that day thats why i noticed that the valve for the reactor was closed