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ZEObaks dropper reasoning

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  • ZEObaks dropper reasoning

    When i was testing my new Red Sea test kits.. I saw that one of the bottles had an identical dropper as the ZEObak. They said not to use it and the reason why this was in the bottle was to prevent leakage during shipping. Im pretty sure that is the same reason ZEObak has this white dropped in it too.

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    ok, that just didn't make any sense at all..

    So red sea ships stuff in a dropper bottle but they don't want you to use the dropper ?? and the only reason they use one is to prevent leakage during shipping ? not so that you can accurately measure the correct amount of liquid ?

    The small bak bottles contain an orifice reducer like this one:

    what we really need is something like this:

    or even something like this, which cost somewhere between 7c and 18c each:

    yes, I've been searching the internet for glass vial suppliers, there are a vast number of them out there.

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      Rich, good post. I believe Gary/Korallen-Zuch is considering packaging a small dropper with the smaller sized ZeoBak Bob
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        Skeletor, it would make sense why they would use this. if there wasnt a plug, then the liquid would leak out because of the large opening. Think of it this way.. you have a small gas tank that you use to fill your mower... well it has the output and then there is the other side you can open up a little so air can get in so it would flow out faster when filling up your mower. If you turn upside down your ZEObak bottle, with the plug, it wont come out unless you shake it.. but if you take out the plug and turn it upside down, it will all gush out. Hope that made sense.


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          Rich, where did you find the small bottles with pipette? Please PM or EM me....maybe they sell just the pipette without the bottle. You never know, it may fit our bottles.
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            Why not just use an old pipette that is lying around? Works great for me.

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              I, for one, hope that they change the dropper being used to a proper dropper which does not depend on the level of bac left in the bottle. Makes our life just dat much easier.

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