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aquascaping idea: reef boulder

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  • aquascaping idea: reef boulder

    hey all,

    Most of the aquascaping i've seen consists of a plain rock wall, or valley style (which can look stunning if done right), but those are basically only the two styles i've seen. Anyway, i came up with this idea while skimming thru Reef Secrets by neilsen and fossa (i think)...In it, they suggest a large "boulder" aquascape surrounded by sand and a few smaller pieces of rock. Similar to what you would see in nature, perhaps something like this:

    Now i know the word "boulder" usually means "boring" to some people, but think about it. The base would provide plenty of space for caves, etc... and the top half of the boulder could be made into a valley or something with lots of potential for ledges, dropoffs, etc...Remember, the boulder is supposed to be big.

    Anyway, i just thought it would look awesome if you had a relatively long and wide tank, and the boulder was in the middle, or maybe off to the side a little. The rest of the tank would be dedicated to open swimming space and sandy bottom (or barebottom) for fungia, etc...

    The idea seemed logical to me, because you could use a minimal amount of metal halides to light a big tank (metal halides for the boulder where the SPS would be, and maybe T5's for softies, LPS, which would not be on the sandy expanse, or peices of rubble). Also, there would be better circulation because less rock is being use(only enough for the boulder and some rubble). Of course, this idea isnt great for those who like tanks with lots of coral.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant. Thanks for listening.


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    Heres another picture i found. It's small, but it shows what im trying to say real well.


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      Hope this will help too...
      BTW, nice idea, a "cube" tank would be great.
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        I love it!! When aquascaping a tank, aquascape like you would see it in the wild. If you do this, I would love to see the outcome. Just remember, it takes a couple of yrs for the corals to grow out and look real nice.


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          yea, i figure it would look best in like a 6 foot cube LOL...

          it would look awesome with a school of active fish...hmm


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            edward, this shot of your tank really got me thinking:

            i imagine thats how it would look once the corals grow in


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              It would look better than that!


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                I was thinking of doing this style of aquascaping in my cube but I've canceled the project for the mean time due to some life changes. I think it'd really look great.

                I was thinking a 30x30x20 tank with 2 "boulders" and a lot of nice white sand and some good fish to watch swim in and out of the reef.


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                  here are some pics i found on the tunze website


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                    Detrivore, the first pic is very zen-like. Edward's island is a good example to follow if an island/boulder concept is to be adopted. When grown out after a few years, it will be awesome!

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