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Question for a level KH

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  • Question for a level KH

    Hi, the system e' left 3 days ago, there e' only a doubt and regards the level of the kh that e' come down from 7° to 5.8°. What of thoughts? thanks

    450ml zeo 200 l/h
    2 x bak and food daily
    0.15 x2 daily

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    Yes, that is a normal phenomemon, so adjust your Ca Reactor accordingly or buffer supplement to keep the KH stable & within 6-8 KH guideline. Variances in KH below or above can result in coral consequences especially when nutrients are lower[a few weeks on ZEOvit] Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      hi bob!
      you six truly kind one! I asked myself but if I have a CA of 460 I can still raise my ca reactor ! :icon_redf


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        Add a buffer only (Slowly) to bring things into balance and then the reactor should keep both in line if adjusted correct.

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          Hi Niesmann, thanks for the kind words. As the nutrients decrease, the KH swings also will become smaller. For the time being in order not to raise your Ca level too high, leave your Ca Reactor as is & supplement alkalinity with a marine buffer by hand. Monitor the KH daily, & make buffer adjustments. Eventually, the KH will remain stable without the additional buffer supplements. Also be sure your Mg is inline [>1250] as Mg stabilizes KH & Ca levels, Bob
          "There might be something to this ZEOvit"