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  • Stray voltage

    Hey all, just spent the last 2hours reading about stray voltage in RC and really I have'nt found a definitive answer.
    Anyways, this morning I felt a little buzing when putting my hand in the water (cut). My intentions were to take all electrical off one by one and do the finger buzz trick..LOL. I had to leave and got home some hours later and now I no longer buzz.
    I put a grounding probe that I had in the sump. Currently it is not plugged into a gfci. I have a voltage meter and would like to do some test (without the probe), please correct me if I'm wrong with doing this.

    1) connect negative (black) to round part of socket
    2) put red in water

    Is this right?.
    How do I set the meter?

    Now, where I'm confused is that a few of the threads stated that voltage would not be the problem but current would. How would I test if this is right?.

    thanks for any input you can give.

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    I figured out a electricity problem once by continuously sticking my hand into the water...eventually it didnt shock me anymore i found out the problem...yeah same with me one night I had cuts from going BB moving LR around and i had some cuts...and got shocked when I put my hand in the water...then the next morning nothing....ohh well. I think electricity in reef=bad.
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      Albert, a local friend of mine had the exact same shocking problem and it was due to a bad Tunze Powerhead. There are also some good tips on here from Tunze so you can diagnose your problem:


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        Not saying you don't have any stray voltage but sometimes if I have a cut it stings anyway. Feels the same as a shock.
        IIRC to check for voltage put one probe to the ground of an outlet and the other in the water.
        In the past I've had equipment shock me only because I had a bad ground at one of my outlets. I'm talking near 50 volts so it was enough to let you know. This was a chiller and I have no idea why but after moving it to a good-grounded circuit the problem was fixed.
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          Thanks for the replies guys,
          invincible569 , I read the thread and states one of the test to be watt meter reading. Any idea on how to do this?. I'm going to be doing some voltage tests tomorrow to see what comes up. I installed a ground probe in the sump but realize this is just a quick fix.