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  • slime-help please

    This algea or slime or whatever it is is starting to take over my tank. My total system volume is 120 gallons. Which componant is likely causing this? It started soon after my last media change on 8/20/2005.

    I currently dose twice weekly:

    Start 3ml
    Food 6 drops
    AA 6 drops
    KI FL 6 drops

    Zeovit 1.5 liters changed every six weeks
    Bak 6 drops daily for two weeks following Zeovit change
    Carbon 1 cup changed monthly

    Tank 140 gallon. Sump 20 gallons. Euroreef 12-1-RC-Beta. Three Seio 1500. One Tunze Stream. Two 250 Watt 14k DE Aquaconnect in RO III pendants.

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    Andy, to me the brown ones look more like micro algae which for example are typically growing out from the aquacultured corals coming from Indonesia. Maybe you can post a better picture ?

    Thanks, G.Alexander


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      Andy, are you talking about a red (almost burgundy) slimey film covering the substrate and rocks? It's hard to tell in your picture. If it is, it may have something to do with your lighting. I have had an outbreak of that algae before ZEO several years ago. I think it was caused by me not replacing the light bulbs when I should have. Not sure if it was caused by a color shift or something else, but I exchanged the bulbs and over a short period of time it went away. I sucked up as much of the patches during a water change to get on top of it. Also, there is a chemical "red slime remover" on the market. I have never used it, though.
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        I have a little of the same thing, red slime. My 120g. is relatively new 3-4 months and I did a transfer of my previous LR, I had detritus build up from that transfer. Other than that my 96 PC are new and so is my MH 150DE HQI. I'm holding off on putting any chemicals and am hoping that it will slowly disappear with 20% RO/DI H20 changes.