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Colors fading: need some "fine tuning" of the system

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  • Colors fading: need some "fine tuning" of the system

    Hi fellow zeoaddicts,

    I reached a stage where I need to “fine tune” the system. My tank is 9 months old, 500 L/130 gals net volume, 960 Watts lighting, high water movement, heavy skimming, medium coral density, light-medium fish load.

    Main water parameters are as follows: 34‰ salinity, 7,4° KH, 410 mg/L Ca++, NO3 undetectable, PO4 are very steady at 0.01 mg/L (Hanna colorimeter).
    Doses: 5 drops bak, 5 drops food once a week, total of 0.18 ml start2/day (yes, only 0.18 ml divided into 4 doses/day with a peristaltic pump), 5 drops AAHC day, 3 drops PIF twice a week. I weekly change 5% of the water.

    Colors are fine but someway too “pastel-light” and not very saturated. I would like to work a little bit on this. I’m now dosing 5 drops AAHC daily to try to improve colors, but I only obtained some cianos on the sand, so I’m gonna reduce it again. I have a pink Stylophora that is very fluorescent but light in intensity, an efflo that lost his light blue ridge becoming light brown, a blue echinata that is light blue instead of the original deep blue.

    I just ordered PCV (a.k.a. Coral Vitalizer) maybe it could help. Should I try to reduce zeofood7 and increase zeostart2? Should I try with some macro-elements?

    My guess is that water is too nutrient poor and corals lack a source of proteins to build up pigments. Note that my skimmer is VERY powerful.

    Any ideas?

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    The Hanna reading of 0.01 may be a clue, my understanding is that any reading from 0.01 down to absolute zero, will show as 0.01.
    Therefore, your Po4 may be to low, as mine was, and when mine was I had exactly the same symptoms as you also. Growth was lousy too.
    Anyhow by dosing less start, Po4, and presumeably, other nutrients, were able to rise, whole different tank. Idael Po4 reading is 0.02 or 0.03, don't let it higher than 0.05.
    Having said all that I've heard the the new coral vitalizer will keep corals doing well, even in conditions of almost zero Po4.


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      Hi Alessandro, as Alastair mentioned the new Coral-Vitalizer seems to have an immediate effect on my coral's color, & growth even at .00 Hanna. Dose this at 1 drop/100 ltrs, net volume daily. With your nutrients low-Hanna, decrease Bak/ Food7 to 3 drops each every wk. Also decrease Start2 to 1 drop 2x's/day daily. Decreasing the zeo's is not for allowing your nutrients to climb[they won't in your system] but using the minimum quantities plus increasing the zeo-supplements will really enhance your corals color & polyp-extension. For example, in my 300g system, I'm dosing 1 drop Start2 2x's/day by hand. For your zeo-supplements dosage, Alessandro, I recommend the following to try for a time:
      1) decrease the zeo's as above
      2)dose 2-4 drops AAHC daily
      3)dose PIF 5 drops 3x's/wk
      4)dose Fe[iron] 1-2 drops 3x's/wk
      5)Dose Stylo-Pocci-Glow as per ZEOvit guidelines. Not only will this color your Stylophora/Seratiopora/Poccillopora but this additive has a colorizing-glow-effect to my Acroporas[I was surprised]
      6)dose Spur-Macro-elements as per ZEO-guidelines. These changes will heighten your colors & growth. If your corals become darkened, simply decrease the dose-quantites by 25-50%. Alessandro, please update this thread in one-two weeks. Thnx. Bob
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        Dose Stylo-Pocci-Glow as per ZEOvit guidelines. Not only will this color your Stylophora/Seratiopora/Poccillopora but this additive has a colorizing-glow-effect to my Acroporas[I was surprised]

        Bob, I have been out of this for a few months so I just picked up a bottle last week from Scott. I too thought I was crazy because a few of my corals seemed to glow after adding this on the 4th day. Especially my greenish blue Humilis. I really like the product after trying it again in stage 3... I am anxious to try the CV soon also...



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          Thank you guys, I will follow your advice.
          I already increased the PIF dose and saw an improvement in a white/blue A. tenuis and in my blue A. grandis in only 24 hours.
          I will report in a week or two.


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            Update. I followed Bob's recommendations and now the corals look much better (thank you )
            In 125 gals I put:
            PCV 5 drops 3x weekly
            AAHC 2 drops 3x weekly
            PIF 3 drops 3x weekly
            Iron 2 drops 3x weekly

            I initially tried some Pocci-Stylo-Glow but actually... my pocci were already very light in zoox density and therefore glowing.

            Now I have some sort of cyano, not the AAHC-related cyano, I mean different kind and color, almost transparent, whitish, growing in less exposed areas on the rocks and on the bottom. I guess it may be related to PCV and not to AAHC. Do you agree?
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              I blew up that thumbnail and had a look, Awesome!
              Got a powder blue, same as me. How is the foxface? Does he bother any corals?


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                Thnx. for the follow-up, Alessandro. For my 300g system, I've been dosing C-V for 5 wks. now at 15 drops a day w/o any side-effect that you've mentioned. AAHC will cause a transport, feathery film on the rocks as a early sign of excess. Are you also deveoping a brownish film on your panes more frequently than before? I'd suggest holding the AAHC for a week & observing. If there is no change, then restart AAHC but hold C-V for a week, observe & plz. post your impressions, thnx. Bob
                "There might be something to this ZEOvit"