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Anyone used Coral Snow Plus yet?

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  • Anyone used Coral Snow Plus yet?

    I assume it is essentially Coral Snow with Biomate or something similar. Has anyone tried it yet?

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    Very interested in knowing more about it as well.

    I thought it might contain lanthium chloride or something but i really have no idea


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      Possibly, but hopefully not? I get the feeling that nobody has tried it yet, or not for long enough to verify results.


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        Do you have a link


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          It's on their website...


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            Hi griff,
            I use The product two weeks now. I had before po4 0.22. Yesterday is checked with Hannah Test and po4 was only 0.06. Thats a really Nice product. I Hope that i become 0.02, than im happy

            Sorry for My Bad english

            Greets Dane

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              Thanks for the feedback.

              I note that they are specific about how much phosphate is reduced per ml of the product. This makes me wonder if they are using lanthanum chloride. If they are then this could be of concern given that it is added to the display and not the skimmer BUT I wonder if the coral snow helps to export this in some way?

              It would be nice to know more about the product.


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                Also interested in this but concerned about lowering po4 too quickly, how do we calculate the potential po4 reduction with it saying 1ml reduces po4 by 8mg, I don't measure po4 in mg.


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                  mg/l is apparently the same as ppm.

                  1ml reduces phosphate by 8mg. It's dosed at 1ml per 100 litres. I have a net 300 litre tank and so would use 3ml which would presumably reduce phosphate by 24mg in total. That would be 0.08mg/l reduction for my 300 litre tank, which is the same as 0.08ppm.

                  If that maths is correct then that seems a lot. I wouldn't have thought they would advise that much to be dosed if it would reduce ppm by that much, so I'm probably missing something...


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                    My thoughts exactly so I spoke to KZ last night and Thomas Phil responded.

                    I said, "My current tank measure Po4 at .14ppm, could you advise how much of this I should dose to get my Po4 to .04 - .06ppm

                    Tank volume is 600 litres, I use ELOS HR kit to measure Po4.

                    Thomas replied with, "you need 10-12ml to lower that. Best way is to use daily 1ml/100L till this time you have your level. then you use 1 ore 2 time per week 0.5 - 1ml/100L"

                    This seems like a lot to me so I asked Thomas whether that amount would be too quick a reduction and he said, "when you want it slower dose 1ml/500L day"

                    So, I've ordered some and will probably dose at half doses and report back here with my results.


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                      Well at least one of us got a reply. ��

                      I was wondering about using 1ml combined with 2ml of the standard coral snow.

                      I would still like to know if it works biologically or chemically.


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                        I got some to try out of interest. I'll be dosing every day until I see a decent drop in levels. The first dose today resulted in a higher level of phosphate measured at the usual time (about 5 hours after using Coral Snow Plus).


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                          How much did you dose and what was your before and after Po4 levels ?


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                            3ml in a 300l tank.

                            0.12 immediately before dosing and 0.22 five hours later... yay. Nitrates are also out of control again, so Zeolite has been changed today and will be changed more often in future (I was leaving it about 8 weeks but I'm going down to 6 weeks).

                            We'll see how it goes.


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                              Hmmm, that doesn't sound good, what do you use to test Po4 ?

                              Received my bottle today, tested Po4 at .14ppm before dosing and have now dosed 3ml in 600l, will test again tomorrow.