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2nd Set of Dosing Levels Needed.

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  • 2nd Set of Dosing Levels Needed.


    On to month 2 of using Zeovit. So far so good.

    Have had a few Corals Strip a bit but not that bad.

    Have also seen some of my newer corals show a real color change. The older ones have not yet shown much change.

    Im using Start and NOT Start 2 so please remember this when giving levels.

    My test results are:

    Ca: 420ppm
    PO4: 0.003 ppm (Hard to tell given very little color change)
    MG: 1410
    Kh: 7.8
    No3: 10ppm.

    Will change my Zoe when I have new limits.

    Thanks in advance Richard.

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    Hi Rich, can you help us with a few details?:
    1)total net vol.
    2)exact present dosing, including quantities of carbon/zeolites/Bak/Food7/Start1 & any zeo-supplements
    3)coral appearance, light or dark?
    4)beginning level of N03's
    5) number of zeolites exchange
    Thnx. Bob
    "There might be something to this ZEOvit"


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      1: 100 UK Gallons.
      2: dose .25ml Start x 2 per day. 3 drops bak and food x 2 a week.
      3: Some light some dark. New one's ie. been in tank less than 3 months are light.
      4: NO3 was and still is 10ppm.
      5: This will be the first Zoe change.




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        why are you using start and not start2?


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          Thnx. Richard, for the additional information. It will take a few more cycle-periods of stones exchanges to deplete the nutrients leaching back into your system from LR & LS[if present]. The zeolite cycle-period will now be every 6 wks. for optimum affect from the ZEOvit. As you've noticed, the "older" corals that have been in your system with a higher zoox. densities, will take lowering nutrients in your water for some time to lighten[brighten] the corals--so be patient, as too much Start1 can cause tissue-tip recession. Thinning of tissue at the tips of your corals & strong brownish film accumulations on your panes will be your excess dosing cues on Start1 To help lower your N03's, try feeding your fish more sparingly, decreasing nutrient import. Be sure to interval-cycle your zeo-filter on & off at 3hr. intervals if you are not doing so. This will sppeed reduction of both N's/P's in your system. For the next 6wks, I recommend the following:
          1)dose 1.5 ltrs. zeolites with a flow rate of ~500 l/h. Aliitle more or less is fine.
          2)dose 1/2 ltr. carbon, & exchange monthly. Knead this bag 3 x's/wk.
          3)continue your present dosing quantities of Bak/Food?Start1. There's no need to increase these as the zeolites plus a efficient skimmer will continue to deplete your nutrients. You can begin AAHC & PIF at the guide recommendations to help coral color & health
          "There might be something to this ZEOvit"