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  • How would you plumb this

    Ok so I have scrapped the Seio and Tunze ideas in favor of a Sequence Dart closed loop for my frag tank in the making.

    If you don't remember, the tank measures 48"x24"x12" and I made it out of plywood. So drilling is not a problem.

    The goal is to achieve no less than 3000 gph. The pump can be mounted level with the tank, so aside from a couple of elbows, there should be almost no head pressure. I was thinking on installing two bulkheads one at each end of the tank - 1.5" teed to the intake side of the pump. Now, for the returns, I was thinking of 4 3/4" all teed to a 1.5". One return at each end of the tank (next to the intakes) and two along the 48" front of the tank. I already have two intakes and 3 returns along the back of the tank that run to and from the sump.

    Each intake and return would have a gate valve so I could easily adjust the flow.

    What are your thoughts/suggestions/opinions?

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    I think this may intrest you.It's a return or closed loop manifold system.I'm going to put one on my tank.


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      good link - thanks Cosmo


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        My pleasure
        To can experiment with different nozzles to get the flow you want.I'm going to try some mini educators


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          yeah that is what I was thinking. Hey what are educators? I have heard of them before, but I don't know what they are.


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            Splitting to four 3/4" returns would be too restrictive IMO. Also, the velocity will be pretty high with the smaller pipe size, which would be particularly bad in a frag tank.

            With a Dart, I would use 2" pipe on both the intake and output. The simplest configuration would be to split the outlet into a pair of 1.5" returns, one on each end. That would give you the most flow with very little friction loss. It would also be high flow with lower velocity (like a stream), so it won't be blowing your frags over.

            The manifolds are nice too, but probably overkill for a frag tank. I've built a couple of them, and they work well. They are great when you are trying to direct flow to a particular area. But with a frag tank, you probably won't need to do that - I think lots of low-velocity flow would be best.


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              Anthony Calfo loves these things .. I had one and it was nice, just bulky once you use 2" pvc.

              The input on the dart is not the same size as the out. You will need to convert with pvc. Its 2" in and 1 1/2 out.


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                Matt, Eductors and Preductors are pretty 'different'. They require a pressure rated pumps and what they do is increase the water movement, they tend to be 4-6'' long.

                The idea is, water is pushed through a smaller hole and in the process it pulls in more water. That site you give for acrylic has some for sale, if you look at it, you'll see how it works.

                Do you guys think a dart would work on a 60'' cube split into 4 returns? I've seen some people recommend against it. I was going to do 1.5'' intakes, and 3/4'' returns. Should I increase the returns to 1''?
                (Not hijacking Matt, but might as well keep the same question on a similar thread)